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Finally, that time of year has arrived. When temperature raises, sun warms our skin and staying out until late is appalling and full of magic. Especially if this is the view.Venice Lagoon

I already wrote about our boat trips last year (here all my posts about Venice). A friend’s family of our owns a boat and is kind enough to let us use it, once in a while. Venice LagoonI will never get tired of all this: how clouds combine and change the sky, how light reflects upon water, the St. Mark’s steeple in the distance, the smell of salty water and weeds while having a beer amid the islands, the seagulls’ crying and tohousands of flamingos (yes, we have flamingos as well!) gathered all together. Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice LagoonI took all these pictures with my phone and unfortunately a couple of them are out of focus. As I watch them for the 10th time, I realize they just give an idea of how these places are. The real beauty of our lagoon cannot be fully expressed by simple pictures.Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon


A sweet summer cake

Carrot CakeAnother weekend has passed and here I am, sitting at the desk on a rainy Monday morning.
Monday, already.
I can’t complain, though. I feel relaxed and looking back I can see how many things I managed to stuff on my weekend: a birthday party, a quiet drink with a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in weeks, a bike riding through the city for my Saturday errands, a dinner with some friends an their newborn babies, a shopping afternoon (well, more windows shopping!) and still, I had time to clean my whole place, bake a cake and a batch of cookies. Plus, despite the bad weather forecast, it rained just on Saturday night. Yeah!
Real Summer hasn’t arrived yet, with its damp, sunny, hot and sticky days and long, oppressive and mosquito-packed nights, but I am trying to make the best of the not-rainy days.

The cake, I was saying. A simple, plain and delicate carrot one. With no frosting, no decorations, nothing at all. I wanted its taste to speak for it, nothing else.
So, as usual, I turned to Pinterest. It never lets me down. Neither does Sally.
Her blog is packed with amazing recipes that never fail and I am a big fan of hers. You can feel the happiness and love for baking and good ingredients behind every post of hers.

This her recipe for this amazing Carrot Cake.
I used 2 egg whites and 2 whole eggs and left out the nuts, a friend is allergic. Apart from that, I didn’t change anything.
The cake is moist and tender as she promises, you can count on it. The cinnamon adds a surprising aftertaste that really takes the cake to another level and the brown sugar matches perfectly with the carrot sweetness.

So, I prepared the cake and no frosting, but yesterday wanted to add something special on a side while enoying a slice on the couch, so I added some vegan icecream I made in seconds: just blend a frozen banana (I have a couple of them in my freezer all the time) with a handful of nuts,1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and some agave syrup. I love how good it tastes. It’s totally guilt free and fat free. It’s my usual Sunday treat, with chocolate chips or (homemade and natural) peanut butter and really satisfies my sweet tooth.

Here my pictures (no filter used)

Carrot Cake Carrot Cake Carrot Cake



Well played

I have a lot to say and post… but this picture wins by far!
Went to a mall last week and while visiting the kitchen department of a well known shop here in Italy, I bumped into this.
I had to take a picture.
It was labeled as “Banana bunker”. Sold for 10 €.
Like, for real? Hasn’t anyone of the commercial or marketing department realized they had gone a bit too far? Either they wanted a laugh and did that on purpose, or they are really naive.
In any case, I think will buy a couple of them, still a perfect present for friends! ;)

banana bunker??


A special day

Coffe, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffin*I ran out of birthday candles so I had to use a toothpick. Sorry Stevie. I couldn’t stop laughing though. All alone. Like a crazy, drunk old man.

Yesterday, May 26th, Stevie Nicks turned 66. To me she is such an inspiration; a strong, rocking woman who happens to be one of the best songwriter and performer ever (my opinion, obviously).
Though her past is kind of heavy (drug abuse and a tainted love life), I see her as a positive model for a nowaday girl. She admits making mistakes and taking a wrong turn in her life and I feel like she made up for everything bad she may have done to herself. She pours all her feeling in some heartbreaking songs like Landslide, Silver Springs, Beautiful Child, that really talk to my soul.
I just can’t help weeping a little when she is involved. Don’t even make me start on her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, such both a question mark and an exclamation point stitched together.
Last October I spent the whole concert singing and sobbing, feeling blessed to be in the same building with her and the Macs. It may seem a bit too much, but we all have those people we love unconditionally, no matter what.
A good witch, though she just plays with that fairy image she found herself into.
Happy birthday, dear Stevie. I so wish I could meet you, one day.

To celebrate this special day, I baked a few Coffee, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffins.
Actually I had printed the recipes a couple of weeks ago and it was on the to bake list.

Coffe, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffin

As usual, I found the recipe on Pinterest (I mean, why even repeat myself?). Credits: The Organized Housewife. Here her recipe.

I scrupolously followed all her indications but one: instead of olive oil I used rice milk.

These my results. I had one of them for breakfast this morning.. another way to take in my daily amount of coffee ;)

Coffe, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffin Coffe, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffin On the inside: soft and moistCoffe, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffin



Fudgy and moist? I’m in!

Spoiler ;)

No carbs muffins

I have been quite busy lately. I actually don’t recall much about the last few weeks, but I know I have been busy. Job stuff and, most of all, friend stuff. Nights out, dinner at somebody’s place.. I love this time of year, weather starts to be kind and it’s not too hot yet.
Lately I attended a pastry course which was quite good: the teacher rocked and made everything look super easy; we would eat the results at the end of every lesson and god only knows how many cannoli I ate. Well, just two but they were big and I actually licked the piping bag before trashing it (No, I don’t feel ashamed about myself). We learned basic recipes for short pastry and puff paste and baked Meringue Lemon Pie, Sachertorte, Cannoli, Croquembouche… wow!
I have tried a couple of those recipes at home and they came out perfectly, yeah!
Still, I can’t give up all the amazing recipes only Pinterest can provide and yesterday I tried a must do and copycat one:
No-carbs Chocolate Chips Muffins.

No carbs muffins
I was looking for something good to have for breakfast and before working out in the evening, and those seemed perfect. Plus, a lovely colleague of mine is celiac and I wanted to bake something for her too, since she can’t eat anything we usually bring to the office, poor honey.
This the original link; I made a couple changes: instead of honey I put scarcely a spoonful brown sugar and used half homemade peanut butter and half homemade almond butter of the requested amount.

I can tell you, I swear, these muffins are rich, extremely moist and fudgy. Have them just warm and you will be unable to stop eating them (that’s why yesterday I ate one and then hid the rest :D ).

No carbs muffins

This my versione of  the recipe; you are gonna need:
1 ripe banana
3/4 cup peanut butter + almond butter (both homemade)
1 egg
1 level tablespoon brown sugar
1 level tablespoon cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
3/4 cup dark chocolate chips

Blend all the ingredients but the chocolate chips in a mixer. Add the chips, pour into the muffins moulds.
Bake for 10 minutes at 180°.
Enjoy while still warm :)
By the way, my colleague loved them!

Just out of the oven (the above written amount was enough for 5 muffins only… I’ll make more next time!)No carbs muffins A close viewNo carbs muffinsOn the inside… yummie!
No carbs muffins


Savoury Pancakes

May, finally. The start of everything: a hopefully warm Spring, introducing another hot, humid but still longed for Summer; these days I have written and cooked a lot, passed through many sunny days with my friends and made a couple of steps forward to the disclosure of what I really want and am. Not that easy, I would say.

Anyway, this post won’t be about me. But…Pancakes. Oh God, how I love pancakes. Plain, with cinnamon and agape syrup, with chocolate chips… I could have them everyday for breakfast and still long for more. Good, simple food make me extremely happy. The act of creating something from the very basis, just a few simple ingredients that will turn into deliciousness..
Since I love them so much… why not trying the savoury version?

Savoury Pancakes

I previously wrote about this perfect recipe (so far!) I found on Pinterest (here my post).
This time I was in such a hurry, but definitely wanted to cook something good and skinny for the day-after-lunch: the Easter weekend passed quite smoothly, but obviously we all ate a lot.
Italy measures everything with food: the more you eat, the happier you will be. Mmm, still wondering where our emotional binge eating comes from? I love how food is important to us in many different ways: cooking is caring and sharing your food with someone is the sweetest (literally) form of giving attention and love to someone. Since my parents have always had a huge consciousness about the food they provide, to me healthy cooking is essential. This doesn’t mean I am on a diet, I just try to be aware of the stuff I fill my stomach with. Plus, I am trying to get fit and happy about the way my body looks. But I am totally refusing to eat grilled chicken and salad every meal.
I started with 50 grams (a couple of spoonfuls) of whole-what flour and a pinch of salt; I stirred in two glasses of rice milk and then a glass of egg whites. Added some pepper and garlic in powder.

Savoury Pancakes

Cooked in a slightly oiled hot panSavoury Pancakes

Arranged the shooting set quickly …
Savoury Pancakes Savoury Pancakes50 shades of pancakes..
Savoury PancakesRecap:
50 grams whole wheat flour
1/2 glasses of rice milk
2/3 egg whites
a pinch of salt
Mix the dry ingredients first, then stir in the milk and the egg whites. The compound should be thick and dense.
Cook in a hot and oiled pan.

Simple as that!


Tallinn, Estonia

A few years ago I got one of my favourite birthday presents so far. Obviously it came from someone who knows me deep well. It wasn’t particularly pricey or hard to find, it was just the right thing for a girl who’s always on the road (or would like to be when home) like me: an updated, brand new travel guide.
The destination matters, quite clear, but the idea itself is winning for me. That time it was Lonely Planet Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all together in one handy and bag-friendly book.
It arrived from my Erasmus partners in crime, G and M. After more than 10 years, I can state our friendship really evolved and, though one of us moved to Berlin a few years ago, we developed a bond I would call rare and precious.

So, I got that guide but didn’t use it for a while. Time passed and once in a while I would spot it amid all others and think “one day, soon”. Until, finally, it happened.
In 2011 I made up my mind and headed to the travel agency. Since the flights were kind of cheap, I decided to travel by plane only. Though tiring, I still think it was a good idea on one hand: the Baltic capitals are not close one another and the public transports could take too long and be a mess. On the other hand I would have spent a few more day in Estonia and visit the Tallinn surroundings. I guess I will have to go back one more time. Or many times ;)

Time for me to leave, then. It was mid July and I had been planning that journey since Easter. I couldn’t wait to visit those countries, basically still unknown not only to me, but to all the people I spoke with too. Many asked me “why visit those countries?”. Ok, this is a question I really can’t stand. The same I was asked when in 2012 I visited wonderful Crakow. I’m convinced every country in this world deserve a visit. I’ve visited almost every state in Europe and still haven’t found one I totally disliked. Some are better than others for me, but this is just my opinion and my personal point of view. I happen to prefer Northern Europe and its nature, old cities and history but hey, I don’t say no to a relaxing beach and palms!
So, to me it’s not “Why visit a country?” but “When? What next?”.

Here some of my pictures of Tallinn, the city I loved the most when up there! I’ll post more in the future, I shot like more than 1 thousand in a fortnight!
The Old TownTallinn, Estonia

The Old Town GateTallinn, Estonia

Raekoja Plats, Tallinn main square in the old town (picture take from the Town Hall’s tower top!)
Raekoja plats

View of the Old TownTallinn, Estonia The Old Town Walls (I know, the pictures is dark. But I love the sun behind the walls and its effect)Tallinn, Estonia City CenterTallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia The Rotermanni QuarterTallinn, EstoniaStreet Art – This is not a pipeTallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia