Weekends call for Indulgence

I love breaking the fast (ok, I have watched far too much Game of Thrones, I am now kind of aware of that).
So, I was saying. I love waking up in the morning because of breakfast. Bread (usually homemade) and jam (homemade that too, if I am lucky enough). Yogurt and cereals, a cup of coffee. A sweet and healthy treat, if I had had the time. You can satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt part, and still feel amazing and full of energy. It’s a win – win.
Saturday morning I was craving for pancakes. These.
I gobbled down four of them. I was so hungry that I couldn’t stop for ten seconds and take a single picture. Eww. My bad.
Yesterday morning I noticed the rice milk had been open for a while, so I opted for a pudding.
Coconut flavored? Why not?
So I toasted 1 spoonful of coconut flakes on a saucepan for a minute. Added 2 cups of milk (I used rice milk, but anyone will do) and stirred. Put 50 grams of milk chocolate in and kept stirring until boiling point. Turned the fire off.
Diluted two spoonfuls of corn starch in half a cup of water and poured into the milk. Turned the fire on and stirred.
After a few seconds the milk started to thick and a couple of minutes later, voilà, my pudding was ready.
It was enough to feed my parents as well, I have a feeling they like me staying over while my place is under renovation ūüėČ
I used milk chocolate so this recipe ain’t vegan, just use dark chocolate or a vegan brand if needed.


Get creative! Street Art around Europe

When around visiting a new city, I happen to focus on smaller things than monuments and historical buildings: I appreciate them as well, clearly, but I love to remember everyday-life details: a bakery, a school, how people tend to live their city. A few years ago I start focusing on street art; I noticed it tends to be similar everywhere; colours and languages may change, but it usually refers to solid problems that country faces everyday or, totally the contrary, tries to escape any reality; it’s extremely creative, smart and geniuously assembled. It can be just a couple of letters added on a wall or a huge drawing on a bridge. Is it art? Is it vandalism? I am no competent judge.
This is Paris, France

Stree Art in Paris Stree Art in Paris Stree Art in Paris Stree Art in Paris Stree Art in ParisStree Art in Paris Stree Art in Paris Stree Art in Paris

Let’s move to Cracow, Poland

Street Art in Cracow Street Art in Cracow Street Art in Cracow Street Art in Cracow Street Art in Cracow

Here comes Nantes, France

Street Art in Nantes Street Art in Nantes Street Art in Nantes


Recipe in a Jar

My first present-in-a-jar.
A lovely, cheap, easy, fast and customizable idea for a nice present homemade with love.
A colleague/friend’s birthday is the occasion. She loves to bake too, she has a sweet tooth (not as big as mine though) and deserves something straight from the heart.
So after a quick research on Pinterest, I found this.
Here the result

Recipe in a jar



Energy booster bars

Spring to me is one of the most exciting moments of the year.
Not only because of the warm temperatures and the good weather. I feel hopeful and joyous, no matter what. Smiles come easily and everything seems possible.
Despite all this, I have to face a lack of energy, like anybody else.
I started hitting the gym at lunch and it’s a simple trick that seems to work. Plus, a couple of homemade & healthy energy bars per day help a lot.
210 gr Rolled oats
Dark chocolate chips
A handful of dates
Walnuts and almonds
three spoonfuls of brown sugar
Half a cup of rice milk
1/4 cup egg whites.
Blend them all and bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.
I love how good, simple and natural food can fill the body with energy. ūüėč


Easter treat

So I was in charge for the Easter “dessert”. Well, I wouldn’t call this sweet, (unvoluntarily) vegan bread “dessert”; it was more like a apple-y treat to taste after a super tasty, totally homemade (and homegrown for the most of it) and healthy lunch my mom prepared.
I am currently homeless since my place is getting under some renovation and last week I had just a little time since I was packing and storing everything (note to self: reconsider all the stuff I have and get rid of at least a quarter of it, definitely too much) in boxes, bags, cases.
Thus, little time + fridge to clean = these.
At first I wanted it to be an Estonian Kringel, with extra filling (basically every edible thing I could find in my kitchen cabinets), but the filling itself was too much for that shape! That’s how they got reconverted into pinwheels ;)

Vegan apple, walnust and dried cranberries wheels


Give us bread, but give us roses

A couple of nights ago, though half asleep and quite frozen, I accepted ¬†my friends’ invitation and headed to a cinema near home. I didn’t even know what movie we would watch, but since I have noticed I tend to a nostalgic and self-indulgent mood when I stay at home too much, I decided to give the cinema a chance.
I wasn’t disappointed at all. The girls chose Pride, an English movie set during the miners’ strike in the 80s in Uk.
It was masterly interpreted and made us cry a bit in the end.
I love the English cinema and I already knew some of the actors: an amazing Andrew Scott (by the way: I can’t wait until 2016 for the fourth season of Sherlock! I’m talking to you, BBC!), Imelda Staunton and Bill Nighy (both seen in the Harry Potter movies, among many others). We all loved it; it was funny but not stupid, told¬†a real story but it¬†was¬†never boring.

Last but not least, people’s rights. During the strike some guys and girls¬†in the gay community decided to support men¬†striving¬†to be heard, fought by the police and people in the streets, facing a challenging situation everyday, just like them.
I believe in equal rights for everybody. Not just because some of my friends are gay; deep inside I believe no one can tell another person who they should love and how and when. As long as we are respecting each other and¬†not hurting anybody, we are free. When people say that God wouldn’t approve, well I don’t think so. If it’s true what they say, that God is Love no matter what, well he would love everybody for sure, even bigots and homophobics (but that’s not a good reason to be one!). Knowing that we all have the same rights apart from everything, would make¬†it easier for me to breathe.

In the movie, during one of the¬†miners’ meeting a woman starts singing¬†“Bread and Roses”. I got a bit emotional must confess. I reckon¬†we should all learn an important message from this: “Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses!”

Together with some things I am reconsidering these days, this is one of the strongest and truest messages I have received so far; everyday reality is basic but who I am inside has to be satisfied, one way or another.
Understanding what I really want and how to accept¬†my goals (still a bit concealed from¬†my own eyes) is¬†one of my new year’s resolutions, let’s call it the first and most important.
Find a way to get it, the second. As I was once said when still attending University: a wish has to turn into a desire, stronger and resolute by definition, to realize.
Balancing reality with my own inner reality, so strong though confused and bursting with colours, needs and thought all at the same time, the third and probably most difficoult.

As usual, let this consciousness be the firts step.