Let this be my first step

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Getting up from bed, dressing properly and driving to work has never been that hard. The washing part is still a pleasure though.

I’ve recently soffered from the loss of a close girlfriend and I still feel trapped in a reality I don’t recognize as my own. I’m taking care of that in many ways, first trying to be serene, able to face everything that lies in my way now and feeling at least ok in my own skin.

I think that a healthy living can help a lot. Since I’ve started running 3/4 times a week, I’ve found out it is easier to untangle all those complicate feelings and bad thoughts I stumble upon everyday.

I have felt happy and grateful for what I have most of the days of my life and I know, it is a blessing.

All I want is smile again, not only outside, but deep inside, in my stomach, my hearth up to my brain. I know I can.

Spring is almost here and sunny days, warm temperatures and flowers will cheer me up a lot for sure. Let’s go!


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