The Monday run and a simple Smoothie

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I love to run on Mondays.

Even though I’m usually exhausted, I force myself to enter the gym, change and mount on the treadmill. And then, the magic happens. I can’t explain why, I go from dead tired to full of energy in a sec.

Yesterday I couldn’t keep my eyes open at work: I was literally falling asleep on my desk, so I thought I was allowed to go home straight after. I was begging the stern me, can I go home, please, pleeease?

For many reasons (high gym costs, my body disappointing me every day, stress to shake off..) I stuck to the original plan and headed to the gym.

After changing and thinking “I can’t do it, I really can’t” as usual, I started running at 8.5 km/h on a 1% slope. After 10 minutes I increased the speed to 9 and run for additional 5 minutes, incresing the speed every minute. After that I walked for three minutes (my ankle was hurting a bit at that point, but I was not going to stop). I repeated and thus run for 15 minutes again.

Once off the treadmill I couldn’t even walk properly (but just for a couple of minutes). Took a shower, went home and…. cooked and baked until 10 pm. I couldn’t believe I had all that energy and felt definitely better inside: the healing power of running my heart (and lungs) out still amazes me. When people says that sports help you go through bad times, I have to say, they are soooo right! Sure it takes efforts and will of power, I won’t deny that. But the effects are so long lasting and there are no controindications.

After dinner I had to prepare a cake for tonight, not a healthy one, but my friends like the old-fashioned, calories packed ones and sometimes I do too, must confess.

Then I cooked my super healthy oat cupcakes (recipe’s still in progress, I’ll let you know about it) and finally it was time for my beloved smoothie! I love shakes and smoothies. I love fruit.

This is so easy, quick and tasty, refreshing and satisfying..

1 banana

1 cup strawberries, properly washed (a few drops of vinegar help cleaning away eventual pesticides)

1/3 cup apple juice (I use a natural bio one, no sugar and no preservatives)

Mix the banana and the strawberries together, add the apple juice.

If you want it sweeter just add a spoonful of Agave syrup (a natural way to sweeten without all the calories of white sugar).

I’ve started drinking this smoothie at work, it’s a way to pamper myself and relax for a couple of mintes during busy days and now that spring has finally arrived, a way to refresh and get ready for summer!

Once again, I love fruit: it makes me feel better and its colours cheer me up all the time. I love Nature, I wish I could spend more time enjoying the sun, grass, flowers and a simple living… let’s this be the start, then.


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