Pancakes and a relaxing Sunday

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I usually dread facing Sundays all alone, without any plan ahead. During the week I start to think I should fill those long hours in any possible way like cooking, cleaning, hanging out with friends (the last is always the best option). I’ve found out I’m scared of the idea of spending time with myself, totally alone. I’ve recently wondered why and I guess the idea of too much thinking is involved.
For real? I mean, what could happen in my head worse than what I had to face since this new year started?
I guess I don’t want bad memories to come up again, even worse ideas pop up into my head and a concrete sense of loneliness and desperation rise above critical level.
Then Sunday comes and I find myself sleeping until eleven o’clock. Good. After a quick breakfast I clean the all place, according to my mum’s standard, still scaredly vivid in my head. Better.
Then lunch time comes, tv time, nap time (who doesn’t love to dose off on the sofa?). I pamper myself a bit, relax, clean again sporadically, call a friend.. and 6 o’clock comes without me dying from boredom, crying histerically or thinking about how my life is a mess (maybe a bit).
Sometimes I even manage to try a new recipe and when I cook I really can’t be sad.
Last Sunday I felt really like eating some pancakes. I had a recipe I had already tried and I was really looking forward to taste some fluffy and delicate pancakes again.
Then I started. All together took me 40 minutes, more or less.
Here the fabulous recipe, thanks to Coleen.

I added chocolate chips to the batter, used apples sugar instead of regular sugar and rice milk. Yummy!
These the pictures I took before devouring all that stuff!

Fluffiest #pancakes ever

Fluffiest #pancakes ever

Fluffiest #pancakes ever



One thought on “Pancakes and a relaxing Sunday

    Savoury Pancakes | arytee said:
    May 7, 2014 at 11:40 am

    […] previously wrote about this perfect recipe (so far!) I found on Pinterest (here my post). This time I was in such a hurry, but definitely wanted to cook something good and skinny […]

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