A decadent, indulgent night to you all

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So the other day I was under a bad Pinterest addiction. I usually spend far too much time on Pinterest, I love it. It’s definitely my favourite spot on the internet, where I can feel creative, satisfy my sweet tooth, get good ideas about how to decorate my place and wrap Christmas present, find motivation for my fitness time and so on. I feel cuddled, part of something and now I realize how sick I am. Oh my goodness. I should find a cure and recover. Soon.
So I was scrolling the main page and found a Tiramisù Brownies recipe. I took a look at the details and decided it was a good one.
As a 100% Italian gal, I usually feel ashamed when I must admit I don’t like Tiramisù. It’s way too soggy and I don’t really like the taste of Mascarpone and wet ladyfingers altogether. But these brownies look definitely better than the plain Tiramisù idea.
So I repinned it on my Dessert board and thought, as usual, “yeah, sooner or later I’m gonna try it”.
I moved on to something else, more recipes, humorous cards and Harry Potter facts (you mind, I am a old fan of the whole book series).
A few days after repinning that recipe, I still had it on my mind; I kept on thinking how wonderful these brownies look on those pictures, how muddy and tasty and.. whoa, really. Could I wait any longer? I had to actually, those days were totally frenzy, but as soon as I managed to get a couple of hours crammed together between the gym and a night out, I decided to give it a try.

This the original recipe.
I just used less eggs than suggested, 3 instead of four at every round.
The result was amazingly good and not because I’m a witch (I soooo wish).

These my pictures, sorry for the poor quality.

Amazing #Tiramisù #Brownies

Amazing #Tiramisù #Brownies

Amazing #Tiramisù #Brownies

Amazing #Tiramisù #Brownies


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