Another start!

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I know, Christmas is like 4 months away from now.
But, do we need Christmas to feel good?
Maybe because lately I’m feeling quite happy and smiley in the inside, I really want to do something for other people (strangers or not). Be it a smile, a gentle word or my time, I really wanna make the difference.
So, this morning I started looking for Random Act of Kindness on Pinterest (wherelse?).

I found these 25

~Buy the coffee of the person behind you in line at the drive through or just in line.

~ Give candy canes to people you meet throughout the day with a “Happy Holidays” and a smile.

~ Buy food to donate to your local Food Bank or the food donation boxes at the grocery store.

~ Take your neighbors trash can in and leave a treat at the backdoor for them. Cookies, candy, a card, etc.

~ Help your teacher clean up and bring them a gift.

~ Make Christmas cards and bring them to the hospital to be handed out to the patients.

~ Adopt a Soldier and send a care package.

~ Let each child pick out a toy and buy it and donate it to Toys for Tots.

~ Make a card and leave it and a treat for the mail lady on a cold day.

~ Donate change to the Salvation Army and give the bell ringers a warm drink.

~ Hold the doors open everywhere you go for people who’s hands are full or who look like they’re having a bad day.
(thanks to The Perfect Kind of Chaos)

Some of them are non feasible where I live (for example, we can’t adopt a soldier and honestly, I wouldn’t. I know these people work hard and are in constant danger but no, I don’t think any war is the answer; mail lady? I don’t think we have any), but I think it’s a good start. I’ll write my personal list and update it I hope every month.
We’ll see 🙂


One thought on “Another start!

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    December 12, 2013 at 5:06 pm

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