Aperiboat – the Venice Lagoon

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A girlfriend of ours is lucky enough to have a boat. Well it’s not hers actually, but her dad’s. And he’s so nice to let her use it every now and then during the weekends.
Last Saturday she invited a few of us for what we call an Aperiboat to say goodbye to Summer.
The weather was super, beers were cold and a rice salad ready for our lunch on board.
Usually we ride around the lagoon, waving at people (mostly tourists) or posing for pictures and Saturday wasn’t any different 😀

Here our beautiful lagoon… how can you watch this and not feel totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the world? I’m not a religious person or a spiritual one, but I really feel part of the whole cosmo and smiling deep inside when in touch with Nature in a way that still amazes and shocks me.

a blurred San Marco steeple and Doge’s Palace
a blurred San Marco steeple and Doge's Palace #Venice

A boarding platform
A boarding platform #Venice

our trail on the lagoon water
lagoon water #Venice

lagoon water

Every briccola (dolphin structure) is like a hug to me
briccola #hug #venice

The Burano pending steeple
The #Burano pending steeple #Venice

Every house is painted in a different color in Burano
Burano #Venice #VeniceLagoon

Fishing nets on the lagoon
Fishing #nets on the #VeniceLagoon

Kokaii (seagull) on a briccola
#seagull #VeniceLagoon

tufts of grass on the lagoon
#grass #VeniceLagoon

on the way back


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