That Night, THE concert.

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As anybody else, I love to listen to music. I have my favourite bands and artists, quite normal I would say.
The problem is, I can’t stand loud music or noises. I don’t go clubbing or to concerts often, I feel kinda lazy this sense.
A very close girlfriend of mine, M., probably hates me when driving together. She loves to sing, she’s a very good performer and knows billions of songs, but I simply can’t be in the car too long with her, singing at the top of her lungs, it sounds overwhelming to me and my ears hurt.

But this time I had to face all my doubts and fears and insecurities. Fleetwood Mac were touring around Europe and I couldn’t miss them, again.
I’m so in love with their songs from the ’70s (though I wasn’t even born yet!) and with their sound in general. Stevie Nicks is such an inspiring figure to me and well, Lindsey Buckingham is such an amazing singer and musician.
My adoration for them dates back to 1997, when MTV broadcasted their back-together concert.
Something clicked in my head and well, more than 15 years later I’m still listening to those songs.

Unfortunately the tour didn’t include any Italian city so I bought a flight to Berlin and the ticket to their Berlin concert. As I wrote on the post before, I very close girlfriend of mine lives there, so she put me up and had the chance to spend some time together.
I can tell you, everything was perfect.
My pictures came out quite blurry and out of focus, but I couldn’t afford to pay 300 € for a good seat at the O2 Arena. I feel blessed in any case, couldn’t hold myself and get emotional a couple of times.. me and the Fleetwood Mac in the same building for 3 hours! This thought still shocks me.
Ok, here the pictures, I could write about them forever… just a couple of quotations before:
Stevie “Things change, things get better”
Lindsey “Illusions allow us to dream, but illusions keep us from growing”
I love you guys, nothing else I could say.






Sorry again for the bad quality of the pictures..


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