Cupcake Madness

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Baking is my addiction: everytime my friends come over for dinner or just to pay a visit, I feel the urge to bake something. Cupcakes are a favourite, though bread, cakes and cookies give me satisfaction as well.
I usually prepare the basic batter (a lovely Prosecco recipe found on the web) and then split it into many smaller bowls, to which I add chocolate, coffee, apple pureè and cinnamon, lemon and chocolate drops, peanut butter and so on.

I have been struggling a lot to make them beautiful as well, when I started baking ages ago, they were just good, but looking horrible most of the times.

Whenever I can, I go healthy. Less butter and more fat free yogurt, less sugar and more agave syrup or natural sugar (from fruit), black chocolate instead of milk or white one. But when invited somewhere, I stick to the original recipes and go for the decadent version.

Here the cupcakes I baked for a University reunion dinner at a friend’s house, but before, a few words about the young me: I started University here in Venice alone and a bit scared of everything I found myself everyday in. I knew nothing about university lessons and exams and I felt confused more and more during my first year.
Thank God the American and German literature lessons were amazing and all of a sudden I had the feeling someone was finally speaking to me in the right language; something clicked inside and hasn’t died ever since.
Well, after a couple of years I had a few exams behind my back and more and more friends who surrounded me. I’m still in touch with many of them and a bunch have become my closest friends ever.
I still meet my girls, 4 amazing girls who studied American English language and literature with me those years, once in a while. I love you A., A., V. and N. You really have a piece of my heart.

To show how much I love them, I baked some Tiramisù, Lemon & Meringue, Cookie Dough & Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cookie Dough and cream cheese frosting cupcakes. Here they are!




I don’t want to brag or show off, but they were gooooood 😉


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