So many Lights, so little Time!

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I always knew I wanted to study foreign languages at University. When I started, as almost everybody else, I picked English as first choice. A friend of mine then told me to choose american English since, as a new department, it was way less crowded, with passionate teachers, kind of fresh formulation and, generally speaking, quite dynamic.
It was the right choice, I can tell you. I met wonderful people, our teachers were the best ever and I discovered a whole new world 😉
The American English Literature class saved me when I was feeling dizzy and extremely not in the right place during my firts year. It was so interesting, almost magnetic. I could have attended that class forever, not kidding. It filled me with even much more love for books, literature history, authors and everything connected with the American background. I dreamed for years to travel to USA, to see that reality and experience that Nature I had so much read about. But it was all far too expensive for me, with a part time job.
After getting my degree I moved to Ireland, where I stayed for a year. It was one of the best part of my life, so many wonderful memories and so many breathtaking places. I definitely needed to stay alone for a while and experience life my own way and, once more, that was the right choice.
When I came back to Italy I got myself a job, then bought my place. So I was pennyless again.
Finally in 2012 I decided it was about time for me to visit New England. My final paper at University was about a chapter of Thoreau’s Walden so I couldn’t wait to visit Walden Pond.
And I did.
It was a long and exhausting but great holiday. I visited Boston, New York, Providence, Hartford, the Catskills, New Bedford, Plymouth… all in 15 days.

I realized Europe is home to me, so used I am to living among so much history and specifically in a city where every stone has a story to tell and where roots and traditions are entangled in our livings.
But I loved America, its lights, its nature, nice people I met and the smiles I received. So thank you for not disappointing me, at all.
Here a few pictures of New York, I’ll post other pictures about this holiday soon.

Art on walls



The Lady

View from Liberty Island

Rockfeller Center

Empire State

A view from the ground

Just don’t!


Central Park

Ground Zero


A view from the Bridge


Times Square


Squirrel! I had never seen so many in my whole life!


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