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I never considered Poland as a holiday destination. I knew there are old and interesting cities but anyway it never was at the top of my list. 

This until I met some Polish people while living in Eire. Hanging out wit them instilled a growing curiosity about their country in my head. I started asking them about their original cities and uses, political situation and I even learned a few words of their language (just a few, it’s so difficult!). 

So, never thought of Poland as a nation worth visiting? How wrong I was. And I’m still wondering why: I love to travel around the central and upper European countries, so why had I never considered Poland? Who knows.

Anyway, it took me a few years to finally get there since I had the chance to visit other countries and I grabbed it without blinking an eye 🙂 Could you blame me? I’m trying to see and experience as much as possible until I can, so I don’t wanna miss any chance.

One day, talking about future travel goals, I found out that a close girlfriend of mine wanted to visit Poland too, so yeah! Finally the time had come!

We left on a a Thursday May morning, hoping the weather would be good or at least not too cold. We were blessed by 4 sunny and hot days, we even managed to bike for a couple of hours for an extremely funny tour, guided by a young man speaking a perfect English.
We only managed to visit Krakow and Auschwitz, but I honestly can tell you that I can’t wait to go back to Poland to take a look at Warsaw, the Northern part of the country, the mainland..

When I told my family, friends and colleagues about my trip to Poland, basically I received two kinds of feedback: a disgusted face and the question “Why? Why Poland?”, but (thank God), also many compliments for choosing such an interesting but less-explored country.
(My mom in particular is so proud and happy everytime I call her and start screaming “Guess what? I’ve bought a ticket to…”. She loves to travel too, but speaks just a little of English and French and feels this blocks her. Not a good reason, I reckon, to keep someone from visiting the world but hey! anyone’s free to do whatever they want.)

Well, everybody who sees Poland as sad, out-od-date, problematic should definitely reconsider their point of view!
As far as I saw, Krakow is young, dynamic, clean, packed with things to see and cheap (always a good point!). People are friendly and they almost all speak English in the touristic areas (maybe not outside but think twice: do they speak anything about your language where you live? I agree, everybody should be able to get by in at least a couple of languages, probably it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully.)

A couple of things about Auschwitz before posting the picture. 
Many asked why I visited that lager. I am not Jewish, but you don’t have to belong to that culture to feel disgusted by history. I had visited other camps before Auschwitz and everytime is hard. Really hard. I cried a bit but most of all I felt so shocked I couldn’t talk or think about anything good about life again.
I believe we all should see with our own eyes those places and tell other people about it. They are real. Millions of children, women and man died.
Let’s not forget and get blinded by hate again.


Rynek Głowny – St. Mary’s Basilica

Renaissance Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)

The Wawel Castle

Tadeusz Kościuszko Monument, The Wawel Castle

A tipical dish: Pierogi and a well deserved beer 😉

Rynek Głowny – St. Mary’s Basilica

Rynek Głowny – St. Adalbert

Rynek Głowny

If you look close you can spot the trumpet, playing the Hejnał (a traditional anthem played four times per hour, every day)

The Vistula river


St. Joseph, Podgorze

Plac Bohaterow – Heroes’ Square


Monument of Broken Hearts at Plaszow

Monument of Broken Hearts at Plaszow

Auschwitz (pictures are out of focus since we couldn’t use any flash)




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