Birthday ombre cake

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For my 33rd birthday (sigh, 33 already. Still can’t believe that) I dared. A lot. I wanted to give a go to my idea of taste and beauty, combined together.
They say that if you can dream it, you can do it. Well, at least you can try. And I did.
I baked this cake the morning of the party and I dreaded the failure every single minute.
I wanted it to be amazing not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Damn you Pinterest, you raised my expectations so much!
I worked a few hours and I must confess I liked the result. Am I too cocky? Maybe, but I’m my biggest detractor and don’t sugarcoat any opinion.
My friends loved it too and that made me so proud! Finally, after years of trying, my creations not only taste good, but they also look nice! It’s a huge goal for me and I don’t seem to be able to stop now!
Next target: learn to take pictures, I’m still hopeless, I know.

Here the pictures of the cake; at the beginning I opted for a fondant icing but since I couldn’t find any I liked, I chose to decorate the cake in an unusual yet colourful way: mini-marshmallows at the bottom, then sprinkles and M&M’s, sugar mini-hearts, fondant decors, chocolate chips and, on top, cocoa powder, rolos and a flake chocolate bar (I had to buy the Rolos, the Flake and the mini-marshmallows in Dublin.. here in Italy there are very few sweet things if confronted to other countries.. probably we don’t eat as many sugary treats?).
For the inside: a Pound Cake (recipe slightly modified by me); I added more and more blue gel to every layer, so that I obtained the ombre effect. Between the layers there’s diluted apricot jam and Nutella.






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