Breath-taking Dolomites

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Travelling is one of my favourite activities ever. Better, it’s something I couldn’t live without. Everytime I book a plane and arrange a trip, be it in an amazing shining huge metropolis on the other side of the world or in a tiny village 2 hours far from home, I feel dizzy and incredibly excited. Shivers down my spine. This is better than any shopping.

One day, if lucky enough to live that long, I will be old and tired. Maybe unable to move (let’s hope not!) or sick. That’s why I’m trying to store as many memories and pictures as possible.
I will be sitting on my rocking chair and watch all my pictures, over and over again. And I’ll smile, recalling the good old days. 🙂

I was saying, I love to travel. Going far away may be tempting, but I want to be sure to visit Italy beauties as well. Half and half is the right thing for me.

Since I was born, my family has always rented a small flat in the Dolomites area. We changed town or flat through the years, but still remained in the surroundings.
If you’ve never been on the Dolomites, you can’t say you have seen mountains.
Seriously. Take a look.

Immagine 002

Immagine 008

Immagine 014

Immagine 016

Immagine 019

Immagine 020

Immagine 021

Immagine 025

Immagine 027

Immagine 031

Immagine 035

Immagine 038


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