Disclosing a bit more

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There are so many things I should and want to say.
What I have learned this year is that you can’t postpone everything, hoping things can change on their own.
Speak out, choose carefully your words and tell what you deem necessary.
Because every question not asked has a NO as answer.
Being honest with yourself is hard, but since I have started a few months ago, I have never regretted it once.
I’m still fighting to be 100% true to people I love, it would definitely be easier to cover things up and pretend I am fine and smiling all the time. They deserve to know the truth and vice versa.

Next Saturday, late at night, when everything seems possible and we can dare to dream, I am planning to say how I really feel deep inside.
After a birthday party, probably still tipsy and shining as only when staring into the eyes of someone you care so much about.

More than luck, wish me wisdom. Yeah ok, I won’t say no to a pinch of luck as well. 😉


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