Bucket List. One down

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Home is where your heart is, they say.
So my dwelling place must be scattered around most of the places I have seen.
Last year a friend asked me what my favourite place in the world was, among all those I had visited so far. Dammit, that was hard.
Was I to pick just one? I couldn’t choose. But all of a sudden I pronounced these words: “I can’t tell you, honestly, but I know which one I couldn’t wait the most to visit and excited me and made me cry and took me in another era altogether.” Undoubtly, it was Walden Pond.

I studied Thoreau’s Walden while at University and I must confess, it was hard at the beginning.Some chapters were boring, we were overloaded with information and couldn’t probably quite understand it at its deepest.
After a couple of years, when considering what my final paper would be about, I thought “Why not?”. I probably felt I should have given Thoreau a real chance.
I re-read this masterpiece again (now I could see the light at the end of the tunnel) and though I knew it would be an epic job, I decided to go for it.
If you haven’t, just try and read it. Maybe just the main chapters, Higher Laws to me is one of the best and the one I focused my thesis on. I love how Thoreau admits his own limits and recognizes how we human are part of the cosmos, not its centre. Nature has a huge meaning in his philosophy and his humanity flows out in every line.
So, these are my pictures. I couldn’t contain myself and got emotional as it happens every now and then when I read a few lines of the book or watch the pictures 🙂 What an experience!












And, last but not least, the tattoo I got last March, a tribute to Thoreau.
“Morning is when I’m awake and there is a dawn in me” – I find it so inspiring!


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