Chilly Bayern

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I don’t like my birthday. Every year I try to escape from everything to forget another year has gone. I should feel lucky I have the chance to get older.
Does getting older involge getting wiser? If so, I fear I’m failing in many ways. But I have kind of come to terms with the whole me. My body. My dark side. What I really want and what I should not be afraid of asking. It may not seem much but it actually is, I can tell you.
So I was saying, every year I try to be busy, as much as I can, on my birthday.
Obviously what I love to do the most on that day is travelling.
A couple of years ago I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Bayern area. I had already been in Munich a few times, but never in the countryside.
It was a lovely trip and I should thank my at-the-time boyfriend for it. 🙂

Here my pictures: in Italy the weather was still warm but once passed the Alps, the temperature dropped and it even snowed! I still smile when I recall those days.

The view from the Castle (there is another, nice but less known castle in front of the Neuschwanstein one)

The Neuschwanstein Castle

Football things, I guess

Fountain, Kempten

On our way back to Italy we stopped in beautiful Innsbruck







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