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Ireland has always been my Plan B.
After my degree I thought it was time to experience the world my own way and see it for myself. I packed two heavy bags and left, totally alone. No job, no friends, nothing. Just a room rent somewhere just outside Dublin thanks to a friend of my mom who had a niece up there.
Was I scared or nervous? Oh no, I just couldn’t hold myself because I knew it would be amazing and one of those things you have to do sooner or later. Finally I was free, old enough to live on my own and to take my responsibilities. The reckless me was coming out.

So I spent one of the best years of my life. The job was kind of crap but I met so many people from all over the world and saw so many breath-taking villages. I remember waking up every day wearing a wide smile and with sparkling eyes, longing to see and live more.

When I came back home, for ages I thought I had made the wrong decision. Why returning to Italy when I was so happy in Dublin? But getting older I have learned you can’t dwell in dreams forever and forget to face reality (actually it’s a Dumbledore’s quotation, but let’s call it experience 😉 ). So I found myself a serious job in an office and follow the tracks I was expected to live in.

Still, I couldn’t forget those hills, the windy air and that accent.
I came back many times on holiday and visit every time a different part of that magical Island.
The following pictures were taken in 2009, 4 years after my come-back.
I visited Cork and Kilkenny for the first time, since I always preferred the Northern part of Ireland while living there.

Kilkenny, as most of the Irish cities, is small and cute.
The tourists are usually attracted by the castle and the Cathedral.
I love how silent Ireland can be, I always admire the view with awe and respect.
Green has always been my favourite colour and the Irish shade is something you can’t forget.

Immagine 424

The Castle gardens
Immagine 455

View from the Castle
Immagine 472

The Castle itself!
Immagine 477

Immagine 482

Immagine 486

Immagine 488

Immagine 508

Immagine 518

St. Canice’s cathedral & Round Tower
Immagine 520

Immagine 525

The Cathedral cemetery
Immagine 527Immagine 528


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