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When planning my trip in USA, apart from New York and Walden Pond, I enlisted Boston on “cities I can’t miss”. It was a good choice, despite the weather. We stayed just for 3 days and had no chance to visit the city with sun shining, but who cares? I was in Boston, hurray!
I even entered into the Harvar courtyard. Harvard. Wow, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends.
I knew from the start I would visit a quite small city packed with super-interesting things: buildings, the freedom trail, the Holocaust memorial, Harvard itself, monuments and so on. Oh, how I love to walk around a new city and just watch passers-by doing their errands or simply leading their lives. They are part of the whole city and most of all unconscious part of my vision and idea of this piece of the world.

I imagine the same when walking around Venice and taking a look at all the tourists taking pictures and consulting their maps. How many pictures could I possibly be in?

DSCN6495 USS Constitution

DSCN6546DSCN6550 DSCN6555 DSCN6568 DSCN6598 DSCN6604 DSCN6611 DSCN6626 DSCN6633 DSCN6647 DSCN6648 The Old State House DSCN6684
DSCN6699View from our hotel, just outside Boston
DSCN6720Me and “my” shop 😉
Arianna, my full name, properly written, a shop of beauty care, in Boston? A picture was mandatory!



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