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Don’t know what the weather’s like around, but here in North-East Italy is raining cats and dogs since.. 2009 probably. Whoever says that in Italy the sun shines 24/7, we’re happy all the time and stuff, well, they should come and live here for a while. We spend most of the fall/winter/spring time complaining due to fog and rain. Summer is hot like hell and damp like a turkish sauna. May and September are the best moments if you are wondering (and wandering), but it depends on the year, obviously.

Sunday it was no different. Rain, cold and sadness was pouring down. I was to meet a few girls for a tea, so I baked some cookies to take over. Baking cheers me up so  much. Plus, it fills the house with that sweet smell I love. It makes me feel really at home. It’s like being welcomed on the threshold with a warm hug. 🙂

This the recipe. It’s perfect, I can tell you. Nothing to add, nothing to take off.
I had very little time after the chilling part so I simply scooped the mixture, shaped some little balls and put into the oven. So my cookies were not those elegant ying & yangs you see in the original link.
I got ass cheeks. But they were good. One of the girls called them “orgasm cookies”. Thumbs up to the recipe, then!

Just a quick note. I know that everybody usually buys peanut butter. I honestly don’t know why since it takes 3 minutes to prepare; this way it’s cheap, natural and easy to get. No chemicals, preservatives and stuff. Just blend the peanuts for a few minutes. They will automatically transform into peanut butter. Don’t add anything at all. Just salt, if you like it.

These my pictures 😉

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    Dance like no one is watching | arytee said:
    March 13, 2014 at 8:23 am

    […] decorated the bottom part with Sally’s homemade peanut butter cookies (these!), sprinkles, small meringues and mini […]

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