Simple Thai Soup

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Yesterday I was dead tired.
Nevertheless, I invited a couple of friends I really was longing to see, for dinner.
In these occasions I usually try new recipes, prepare a dessert, be the most decadent and complicated cake ever or just a quick and easy batch of cookies.
Yesterday my mind was “No, Ary. Just No. Buy something, like.. anything will do”.
But I don’t like buying processed food, it’s totally nonsense to me. I was raised in a family where natural, healthy food was fundamental. My mom cooks every part of the meal with fresh vegetable my dad farms, everyday. No trans fats, no fried foods, no sugar if they can help it. I firmly believe this is why they are two healthy adults in their 60s (and they do look definitely younger).
So I headed to the supermarket and bought champignons, green onions and other vegetables. I must confess I even bought some crisps and cookies. My bad.
Once arrived home I improvised a Thai Soup. Kind of. I didn’t find any Tofu or soy sprouts. So let’s say it was a simple version of it.


2 green onions, diced
1 garlic clove
1 can of peas
100 gr champignons, coarsely sliced
a couple of savoy cabbage leaves, diced
2 tbsps of light cream cheese
soy noodles
water (1 liter)
2 tbsps olive oil
salt and spices (I used pepper, chilli, chive)

In a large pot put all the vegetable, minced or sliced as indicated.
Add salt, oil and the garlic clove. Pour 1 liter (or more, it depends if you like your soup to be more liquid or not) of water and cook until boiling point. Add the noodles and wait until cooked (it will take just a few minutes). Add the spices and the cream cheese. Cook for a couple more minutes and serve steamy hot! Though this simple and improvised, my friend loved the soup!
Here my pictures

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