Mars Squares

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So, my baking frenzy didn’t stop at the Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies last Monday. It went further. A lot further. I had planned to try two new recipes and reproduce a classic one. Check.
The Mars Squares are so ’90s, but still appreciated and applauded every time. This recipe is easy, tasty, cheap and does not need any baking. Just do it the day before and let it rest overnight.
The classic way uses butter to melt the Mars bars, but honestly, there’s no need to add fat to this already calorie-packed cake. I use milk and it works perfectly. The taste is still rich and dense.
Mars delight

Mars delight

I haven’t met anyone so far who didn’t like this cake. Could you resist?
My age, these squares were made for every single birthday. There was the big cake with “Happy Birthday” on it, but Mars Squares were a must, anyway.
This is the cake before cutting the squares.

Mars delightMars delight

Sweet, crunchy squares. That caramel flavour.. 😛
Mars delight

Here my version of this wonderful recipe:

6 Mars bars
half-glass of milk (I used, as usual, rice milk. I simply love it)
Crisped Rice (Kellogg’s Rice Krispies or any other brand). I never measure how much I use.. you’ll see when it’s enough.

In a big pan melt the bars with the milk. When liquid, add a few cups of crisped rice and stir. Add rice until well combined. The mixture should be dense and consistent, with no mars liquid left. This passage must be quick, the mars and milk gets solid quite fast.
Spread the caramelised rice on a tin or wherever you prefer and try to smooth the cake as much as possible.
Just wait for the day after to be ready.
Cut the squares and enjoy. You can drizzle some chocolate sauce, but to me plain is better.

Mars delight

Mars delight

Mars delight


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