A fresh cocktail from scratch!

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I know nothing about cocktails. I try not to drink spirits, they are too tricky: they lure you into thinking you can dance, sing, be the sexiest thing on earth and reconsider all your life choices. All this while chatting with strangers. So no, after a few years of morning-realization-and-shame moments I have decided they are not for me. I enjoy just one or two once in a while and strictly with people I know.

Sunday I threw a party for a pregnant friend. It started like a baby shower, but then turned into a mess, as usual. I love how we can start with a perfect idea and just suddenly change direction and chat about inappropriate things, film a chubby-bunny challenge, take incredible pictures and laugh ourselves to tears.

I baked two cakes and many cupcakes for the party, the post is on the way.

The good news is, I prepared a cocktail from scratch. An amazing one. I had half a bottle of peach vodka left from the New Year’s party, half bottle of Prosecco and some fresh lemons.
I squeezed the lemons, added the juice to the vodka and poured the Prosecco. I though “this is gonna be either amazing or a waste of good alcool”. After the first glass one of the guy asked: “Is there any chance we can make more??”.
I don’t know weather this recipe already exists or not, but we loved it, so I’m sharing it!
1 bottle Peach Vodka
1 bottle Prosecco
4 lemons, freshly squeezed

Add the lemon juice to the vodka and mix with Prosecco. Simple as that!


One thought on “A fresh cocktail from scratch!

    A Violet & Yellow Party | arytee said:
    March 17, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    […] few weekes ago I mentioned the Baby Shower we threw for a girl who is now due in a couple of weeks. She can’t wait to meet her baby girl […]

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