US Nature and NY surroundings

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While travelling around New England a couple of years ago, we stopped at the Bear Mountain State Park.
We were driving from New York city to the Catskills and had planned a visit to the park to relax, take a look at the lake and surroundings and enjoy the country life, even though for just few hours.
When there we found out the Octoberfest was taking place, yu-hu! We had a beer, took a few pictures and finally breathed the long-dreamed USA atmosphere.

Bear Mountain State Park

The Bear Mountain InnBear Mountain State Park I love how a large mass of water can calm me down, shake off the stress away and put me in a good mood.Bear Mountain State ParkBear Mountain State Park Bear Mountain State Park


DSCN6152DSCN6154The day after we proceeded through the State towards the Catskills.

DSCN6180 DSCN6194 DSCN6202 Wow, take a look at the sky. I have a huge passion for clouds and blue skies. When living in Eire, I used to tale a picture of the sky every night. But this is a story I’ll tell another day.DSCN6210 DSCN6212 DSCN6214 DSCN6215 DSCN6221 DSCN6223 We stopped for lunch at Phoenicia Diner. At the till the owner told us they had just opened after renovation (if I’m not mistaken) and I liked how he made sure we had a good experience and enjoyed good food. It was very nice of him and we found out his family has Italian roots! I know Italians scattered everywhere in the world, but I feel a tiny bit at home when I talk to someone who shares my origins. DSCN6229 DSCN6233After lunch, just a few kilometers far from the Diner, we bumped into a hail storm.
It was a matter of seconds. The police made all the cars stop since the street was totally covered in hailstones. 5 minutes later, everything was fine and we could leave.
Basically, a hail flash mob 😀
DSCN6242 DSCN6245


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