Dance like no one is watching

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Last week we arranged a surprise birthday party for one of the guys. He turned 29 a few weeks ago but didn’t want to throw a big party or make anything huge and official. I couldn’t resist though, so I baked the weirdest cake ever and invited the closest friend for dinner. We drank some wine, have fun as usual and gave him our present. Just a usual weekend night with a final pop 😉
This guy and I both love He-man, since used to watch the cartoon ages ago (hey, we are kids of the ’80s!) and recently realized how a gay icon he is. Even better. Gym lover, almost naked, with his hair always perfectly dyed and done, good guy fighting a purple skeleton… he’s the prototype of the perfect guy.

So I printed a few images found on his FB page (it’s super funny, if you have a FB account go check it.. the admins are genius!) since I couldn’t find any action figure of his. Apparently it’s too old fashioned and nowadays people do not know him much. A pity.

I baked “my” Prosecco cake adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice to half of it and fresh strawberry juice to the other half. This way the cake got naturally coloured and we could taste the lemon and strawberry flavours just a bit. I reckon the artificial flavours are too strong and I can clearly detect the chemical part.. nature is always better to me.

I called this cake “Dance like no one is watching”

Here the exact recipe …
360 gr flour
7 gr salt
3 tsp baking powder
150 gr butter
150 gr caster sugar
200 gr Prosecco
4 white eggs

Cream sugar and butter. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients.
Sift the dry ingredients into the cream, pouring Prosecco slowly.
Beat the egg whites until firm and add them delicately to the mixture.
Cook the batter for 20-22 minutes (if a cake) or 15-18 minutes (if cupcakes) at 180°.

..and here the pictures 😀

WP_20140308_21_11_44_Pro I doubled the ingredients amount described in this recipe, I wanted it to be a double-flavoured three-layer cake.
Between every layer is raspberry jam and fresh cheese buttercream.

WP_20140308_21_22_44_Pro I decorated the bottom part with Sally’s homemade peanut butter cookies (these!), sprinkles, small meringues and mini marshmallows.WP_20140308_00120140308215508


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    A Violet & Yellow Party | arytee said:
    March 17, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    […] And, last but not least, the prosecco cupcakes (one of my favourite recipes ever, find it here) […]

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