Ultra Skinny Chocolate Brownies

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You had me at Chocolate. Ok, and at Brownies as well.
I love their soft, chewy and chocolate-y consistency. Edges are usually quite firm but the center looks like lava. An amazing, rich chocolate flow stimulating all your taste buds and spreading happyness all around.
If chocolate can fight the post-Dementor* sadness and gloom, it can surely cure a bad day.
*Harry Potter reference 🙂

But. And this is a huge problem. After eating a couple of squares of buttery and most decadent brownies, it usually takes me ages to digest them and feel all right. I feel my tummy working and my mouth often tastes metallic. Sure, I could eat just one square and then stop. No, I actually couldn’t. I mean, I’m human!

So I changed a bit this already slimmed down recipe and made it ultra skinny: fat free, sugar free and potentially gluten free. I know rolled oats must be certified when gluten-free. So, if you have issues, check it twice and be sure you are using the right flour or substitute.
A quick note: I love Sandra’s blog. She is a sweet and talented girl. Her recipes are different from the ones you usually find on the web. Thanks to La Recetas de la Felicidad, then.

Here my version:

270 zucchini puree (just blend them well)
200 gr rolled oats (blend them to dust)
5 gr salt
2 tbsp honey or agave syrup
1 ripe banana
3 egg whites
3 tsp cocoa
50 gr dark chocolate chips
2 tsp baking powder

In a bowl mix all the dry ingriedients.
Meanwhile blend the zucchini in a mixer until you get a puree. Mix in the banana.
Add the dry ingredients, then the egg whites, then the chocolate chips. Blen it all well but don’t overmix.

Pour the mixture on a baking pan and cook for 25 minutes at 180°.

Here my picture (just one and taken in a hurry early in the morning… I will never apologize enough for the bad quality of my shots)



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