A Violet & Yellow Party

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A few weekes ago I mentioned the Baby Shower we threw for a girl who is now due in a couple of weeks. She can’t wait to meet her baby girl and we are all thrilled.  She looks happy and radiant, so I’m glad for her.
The party was a surprise and, as we expected, she cried out of pure joy 🙂 It was so intense to see her so moved and pleased!
I baked two small pound cakes and many prosecco cupcakes. The original plan involved just one cake, but when I started assembling the already decorated layers, I was so scared I could ruin everything, I kept the two cakes separate.
This the first (and biggest one). Since the baby girl’s name is going to be Viola (Violet), the party theme was violet and its complementary colour, yellow.
The pictures were all taken by Miky, a girl who, as you may see, is definitely good at this (unlike me). So thank you honey.

Pound cake The cake pops were made with the pound cake: blended with a spoonful of cream cheese, shaped into balls, cooled for an hour and then dipped in white chocolate (one of the layers crumbled so I had to improvise something).Pound cake

The second cake (and supposedly the upper part of the first cake) is this one:

Pound cakeThe “love” word was made with melted white chocolate. It fell on the table and broke while putting it on the cake.
But we managed to recompose it…. phew!

And, last but not least, the prosecco cupcakes (one of my favourite recipes ever, find it here)

Prosecco cupcake The frosting is normal cream cheese buttercream, here with a pinch of violet colouring agent and a blueberry on top!Prosecco cupcake I used the fondant for the decorations and cookie cutters for the bears. Prosecco cupcakesProsecco cupcakesProsecco cupcakeProsecco cupcake



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