Weekend plus party means Cookies

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Update! More pictures here 

A couple of days ago, I was planning the weekend and the surprise party we are going to throw for a couple of friends who is moving to London soon (lucky bastards).
Who does what? We are kind of lazy, it took us almost a week to find the “location”. Weather is still unpredictable here and the temperature, though getting warmer, is still not suitable for an outdoor party.
Obviously, I offered to bake something. I had no time the past few days but, as usul, the baking frenzy was raging on and I felt the urge to switch on the oven and mix a fex ingredients. Plus, there are so many recipes pinned on my Pinterest boards I really can’t wait to try… it was the right chance, for sure!

Since the girl who’s moving soon doesn’t like almost anything (neither chocolate… I mean, are you real?), I chose two different recipes that looked amazing. Is she going to like them? You never can tell.

The first: Apple, (homemade) Toffee & Oatmeal Cookies
I used 3/4 the sugar Samantha listed in her recipe and the cookies tasted still a little bit too sweet for me and the people who tried them. I have already noticed, American recipes are sweeter. We are not used to that amount of sugar in Europe.
I used these Salted Whiskey Toffees I had made for Christmas.
I have only one picture, but still have the cookies stored in a jar, so I’m gonna take more.

apple&toffe oatmeal cookies

With Samantha’s recipe I got like 4 or 5 batches of cookies.

Then I proceed with some Nutella cookies. I doubled the ingredients amount and used even more Nutella. Go big or go home, you know what they say.
I had some mini-marshmallows left, so why not?

Nutella cookies

I’ll post more pictures about them verrry soon!
Can’t wait for the weekend to start!


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    Party Cookies (part 2) | arytee said:
    March 26, 2014 at 8:18 am

    […] As promised, here more pictures of the tons of cookies I baked last week: […]

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