A cultural weekend

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Last week I put up my mum for a few days while dad was away. We had a grand time together and finally catch up on family news and stuff.
On Friday night we went to La Fenice (Literally, the Phoenix), the well-known Venetian theater, where it took place an event about Venice and its origins.
This ancient theater dramatically burnt almost 20 years ago during its renovation, but it has been totally re-built years ago. First it went aflame in 19th century, but nomen omen, they say. The phoenix rises again from its own ashes. And, once again, it did. I was 16 when the whole city was in shock. La Fenice is a symbol of the city and our pride. A building of history and culture, and was gone in hours.
Fortunately it’s now “on its feet” again, still beautiful and fully operative. Take a look

Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venice Sale Apollinee – The Apollionian RoomsSale Apollinee - Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venice Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venice

Walking back home after the event

Santa Maria della Salute  - Saint Mary of Health - Venice building, Venice Saturday morning we visited Ca’ Mocenigo, a wonderful XVII century building

#PalazzoMocenigo #Venice #FragrancesMuseumThe building hosts the perfume museum (this way we discovered Venice was the first city to import spices and similar to produce fragrances and soaps)
#PalazzoMocenigo #Venice #FragrancesMuseum #PalazzoMocenigo #Venice #FragrancesMuseum

We heard the Lutheran church was open so, why not? (I honestly had no idea there was any in Venice. My bad).

Lutheran Church - Venice

The more I see and get to know about my city, the more I fall in love with it. It’s amazing how many tons of things I didn’t even imagine we have here. I can’t wait to discover more and more and hear about our legends, oral traditions and historic events!


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