The Perfect Breakfast – part 2

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Papaya, strawberry and banana smoothie

A few days ago I found papayas at the local store. I know they’re packed with vitamins, antioxidants and more good stuff. I think I never had a papaya before, I mean the plain fruit itself; probably I’ve already tried papaya in popsicles or shakes, together with other tropical fruits.
I was kind of curious, Pinterest people I follow are crazy about these things and always posting new wonderful recipes.
So I thought, why not?
I waited for the fruit to ripe a bit more then peeled and sliced it. Meh. I couldn’t detect any smell and the consistency was similar to melons, which I never liked.
It was early in the morning and didn’t feel like trying something new and possibly not good. So I froze the slices and decided to blend them with something else, to mitigate the taste.

I had fresh strawberries and a frozen sliced banana, and used them both.
Oh, fresh fruit… yummie

Sliced strawberry


The papaya got a bit too ripe than intended, so I didn’t take any picture.
That evening, when home from work and while waiting for dinner to get ready, I blended the fruits.
Simple as that. Poured the smoothie in a jar and put it in the fridge for the morning after.


As I woke up I arranged the breakfast and took the pictures… and that’s why I arrived a bit late at the office, but that’s another story 😉

Papaya, strawberry and banana smoothie I used different filters trying to balance the light, they look different but the it’s the same glass and ingredients.

Papaya, strawberry and banana smoothie I love this straw!WP_20140326_01420140326091046


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