(Another) Surprise Birthday Party

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WP_20140329_01320140401094906All of a sudden a couple of months ago I realized my mother turned 60 last year. And we didn’t party at all. We just dined out in a place she loves (or, better: in an ordinary place where you can eat amazing fish dishes) and wished her all the best. I don’t even recall giving her any present (but we rarely do in my family).
60 is a big goal, especially if you are still healthy and going great.
I didn’t want to wait for her 65th birthday, so I threw a surprise party for her 60 + 1!
A few weeks in advance I told her I would bake her favourite cake and she picked a Black Forest with Raspberries instead of Cherries.
For all she knew, it would be just the three of us: dad, her and me.
Wrong 😉
I called all her friends and relatives we usually hang out with.
They were all happy to attend and help planning the secret event.
Last Saturday they all arrived on time and took tons of beautiful flowers. Home was smelling amazing!
When she entered and spotted them, almost cried out of joy. Pranked! 😀
Thanks for your continuous support and love, mum. I love you so much.
Here the cake I baked (scroll down for the recipe)
First, I baked the chocolate cake. When cool, I cut in two layers.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake



I used two long knives to be sure not to break the upper part.
Cut the rough or irregular edges. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfect, you’ll cover everything with cream.

Black Forest Cake Then I spread the first layer with raspberry jam.
Black Forest Cake Black Forest Cake

(I know the pictures are kind of blurry.. I tried to fix them, in vain).
Added the whipped cream and the fresh raspberries
Black Forest cakeBlack Forest cake

(I used different filters to balance the light and show the vivid red of the fruits).
Topped the first layer with the second and repeated the jam –  whipped cream – raspberries thing.
Then frosted the cake with more cream, berries and sugar hearts. Sprinkled the sides with dark chocolate flakes.

Black Forest Cake Mum was sooo happy! The cake tasted great!
I usually avoid whipped cream, it tastes too fat and creamy to me, but must confess I ate one slice gladly.
Here the inside
Black Forest cake Black Forest cake

I made up these strawberries and cream minicups with the cream left.
Strawberries and whipped creamThis the recipe: the original one belongs to Giallo Zafferano, an amazing Italian cooking site.
I scrupolously followed the directions for the cake, so here is just a translation of their recipe.
As said before, the original recipe is with cherries, but mum chose raspberries, so following my version for frosting.
For the cake
140 gr dark chocolate
180 gr granulated sugar
100 gr white flour
75 gr butter
6 eggs (5 if large)
50 gr corn starch
16 gr baking powder
For the Frosting
200 gr fresh raspberries
100 gr raspberry jam
750 ml cream (I bought fresh cream I whipped myself)
60 gr icing sugar
chocolate falkes or grate them yourself

Melt the chocolate in a pan. Add the butter and stir well until melted. Let it cool.
Cream the yolks and half the white sugar until foamy and bright. Pour the yolk and sugar in the chocolate and butter and stir.
Beat the egg whites until stiff, adding the white sugar left little by little.
Add the foamy whites to the chocolatey mix stirring delicately bottom-up.
Pour the mixture into a circular baking pan and bake for 45 minutes at 180°

Whip the cream with the icing sugar until stiff.

When cooled, cut the cake into two or more layers, spread with jam, cream and fresh berries.
Top the first layer with the second and repeat.
Frost and decorate the cake.
Store the cake in the fridge and enjoy 😉


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