Tallinn, Estonia

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A few years ago I got one of my favourite birthday presents so far. Obviously it came from someone who knows me deep well. It wasn’t particularly pricey or hard to find, it was just the right thing for a girl who’s always on the road (or would like to be when home) like me: an updated, brand new travel guide.
The destination matters, quite clear, but the idea itself is winning for me. That time it was Lonely Planet Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all together in one handy and bag-friendly book.
It arrived from my Erasmus partners in crime, G and M. After more than 10 years, I can state our friendship really evolved and, though one of us moved to Berlin a few years ago, we developed a bond I would call rare and precious.

So, I got that guide but didn’t use it for a while. Time passed and once in a while I would spot it amid all others and think “one day, soon”. Until, finally, it happened.
In 2011 I made up my mind and headed to the travel agency. Since the flights were kind of cheap, I decided to travel by plane only. Though tiring, I still think it was a good idea on one hand: the Baltic capitals are not close one another and the public transports could take too long and be a mess. On the other hand I would have spent a few more day in Estonia and visit the Tallinn surroundings. I guess I will have to go back one more time. Or many times 😉

Time for me to leave, then. It was mid July and I had been planning that journey since Easter. I couldn’t wait to visit those countries, basically still unknown not only to me, but to all the people I spoke with too. Many asked me “why visit those countries?”. Ok, this is a question I really can’t stand. The same I was asked when in 2012 I visited wonderful Crakow. I’m convinced every country in this world deserve a visit. I’ve visited almost every state in Europe and still haven’t found one I totally disliked. Some are better than others for me, but this is just my opinion and my personal point of view. I happen to prefer Northern Europe and its nature, old cities and history but hey, I don’t say no to a relaxing beach and palms!
So, to me it’s not “Why visit a country?” but “When? What next?”.

Here some of my pictures of Tallinn, the city I loved the most when up there! I’ll post more in the future, I shot like more than 1 thousand in a fortnight!
The Old TownTallinn, Estonia

The Old Town GateTallinn, Estonia

Raekoja Plats, Tallinn main square in the old town (picture take from the Town Hall’s tower top!)
Raekoja plats

View of the Old TownTallinn, Estonia The Old Town Walls (I know, the pictures is dark. But I love the sun behind the walls and its effect)Tallinn, Estonia City CenterTallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia The Rotermanni QuarterTallinn, EstoniaStreet Art – This is not a pipeTallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, Estonia



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