Savoury Pancakes

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May, finally. The start of everything: a hopefully warm Spring, introducing another hot, humid but still longed for Summer; these days I have written and cooked a lot, passed through many sunny days with my friends and made a couple of steps forward to the disclosure of what I really want and am. Not that easy, I would say.

Anyway, this post won’t be about me. But…Pancakes. Oh God, how I love pancakes. Plain, with cinnamon and agape syrup, with chocolate chips… I could have them everyday for breakfast and still long for more. Good, simple food make me extremely happy. The act of creating something from the very basis, just a few simple ingredients that will turn into deliciousness..
Since I love them so much… why not trying the savoury version?

Savoury Pancakes

I previously wrote about this perfect recipe (so far!) I found on Pinterest (here my post).
This time I was in such a hurry, but definitely wanted to cook something good and skinny for the day-after-lunch: the Easter weekend passed quite smoothly, but obviously we all ate a lot.
Italy measures everything with food: the more you eat, the happier you will be. Mmm, still wondering where our emotional binge eating comes from? I love how food is important to us in many different ways: cooking is caring and sharing your food with someone is the sweetest (literally) form of giving attention and love to someone. Since my parents have always had a huge consciousness about the food they provide, to me healthy cooking is essential. This doesn’t mean I am on a diet, I just try to be aware of the stuff I fill my stomach with. Plus, I am trying to get fit and happy about the way my body looks. But I am totally refusing to eat grilled chicken and salad every meal.
I started with 50 grams (a couple of spoonfuls) of whole-what flour and a pinch of salt; I stirred in two glasses of rice milk and then a glass of egg whites. Added some pepper and garlic in powder.

Savoury Pancakes

Cooked in a slightly oiled hot panSavoury Pancakes

Arranged the shooting set quickly …
Savoury Pancakes Savoury Pancakes50 shades of pancakes..
Savoury PancakesRecap:
50 grams whole wheat flour
1/2 glasses of rice milk
2/3 egg whites
a pinch of salt
Mix the dry ingredients first, then stir in the milk and the egg whites. The compound should be thick and dense.
Cook in a hot and oiled pan.

Simple as that!


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