Fudgy and moist? I’m in!

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Spoiler 😉

No carbs muffins

I have been quite busy lately. I actually don’t recall much about the last few weeks, but I know I have been busy. Job stuff and, most of all, friend stuff. Nights out, dinner at somebody’s place.. I love this time of year, weather starts to be kind and it’s not too hot yet.
Lately I attended a pastry course which was quite good: the teacher rocked and made everything look super easy; we would eat the results at the end of every lesson and god only knows how many cannoli I ate. Well, just two but they were big and I actually licked the piping bag before trashing it (No, I don’t feel ashamed about myself). We learned basic recipes for short pastry and puff paste and baked Meringue Lemon Pie, Sachertorte, Cannoli, Croquembouche… wow!
I have tried a couple of those recipes at home and they came out perfectly, yeah!
Still, I can’t give up all the amazing recipes only Pinterest can provide and yesterday I tried a must do and copycat one:
No-carbs Chocolate Chips Muffins.

No carbs muffins
I was looking for something good to have for breakfast and before working out in the evening, and those seemed perfect. Plus, a lovely colleague of mine is celiac and I wanted to bake something for her too, since she can’t eat anything we usually bring to the office, poor honey.
This the original link; I made a couple changes: instead of honey I put scarcely a spoonful brown sugar and used half homemade peanut butter and half homemade almond butter of the requested amount.

I can tell you, I swear, these muffins are rich, extremely moist and fudgy. Have them just warm and you will be unable to stop eating them (that’s why yesterday I ate one and then hid the rest 😀 ).

No carbs muffins

This my versione of  the recipe; you are gonna need:
1 ripe banana
3/4 cup peanut butter + almond butter (both homemade)
1 egg
1 level tablespoon brown sugar
1 level tablespoon cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
3/4 cup dark chocolate chips

Blend all the ingredients but the chocolate chips in a mixer. Add the chips, pour into the muffins moulds.
Bake for 10 minutes at 180°.
Enjoy while still warm 🙂
By the way, my colleague loved them!

Just out of the oven (the above written amount was enough for 5 muffins only… I’ll make more next time!)No carbs muffins A close viewNo carbs muffinsOn the inside… yummie!
No carbs muffins


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