Going Southward, again – Staiti

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So, last year I wrote about my holidays in South of Italy and lot of people told me about they loved the picture and how amazing that area seems to be. Well, it is.
This year I spent another 2 weeks there since, as I wrote before, my dad was born and raised there, so we both feel the urge to reconnect with our roots at least once a year.
I took tons of pictures with my new phone, some aren’t the best quality, my bad.
I decided to split the post in different ones: the first (this one) is about the little village my dad is from, Staiti.
Once home in Venice, I tried to explain my friends how small and lovely Staiti is. It’s kind of difficult for people living in my area to utterly understand how really small villages can be down there: no banks, no restaurants, no fancy shops; just a bar, two small shops where people buy milk or bread, a post office and a pharmacy. Nothing else. I ran out of contact lens cleaner while there and had to drive for 15 km to find a shop where I could buy some. The closest cinema is more than 30 km far from our house and the mall is around 25. Totally different from the Northern Italy reality I live in and almost impossible for people up here to understand.

Staiti, view from our top terrace.Staiti - Calabria

Staiti, view from the cemetery


Staiti - Calabria


Staiti, narrow lane

Staiti - Calabria

Walking around

Staiti - Calabria

View from our kitchen window

Staiti - Calabria

View from our top terrace, you can see the sea in the distance


Staiti - Calabria

The Tridetti fountainStaiti - Calabria


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