Harry Potter Studios – part 2

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Following my last post

This morning I was watching all the pictures I took that day, to choose a few to post here.  The memories of the joy I felt deep inside that day popped up at once. I posted a couple of pictures on FB and you can read it in my eyes how extremely happy I was. Those memories and for sure that feeling of well-being is here to stay.

So I wrote I was allowed to open the huge door to enter the Hogwarts Hall, since it was my birthday. Halloween was in the air, thus the Hall was decorated accordingly

DSC_0857.JPGKids could play with magic fluids and practice with basic potionsDSC_0952.JPGEverything appeared in the movies was there. Stuff in the room of Necessities, a full wardrobe of any piace of cloth wore on set, magic tricks explained and tons of details to spot.

No post on Sunday!DSC_0052.JPGHagrid’s motorbikeDSC_0964The Black family treeDSC_1004.JPGGodric Gryffindor’s sword (in Dumbledore’s office)DSC_0949.JPGThe “ice” sculpture from the Yule BallDSC_0879.JPGAnd obviously, the Hogwarts ExpressDSC_1041.JPGwith Harry, Ron and Hermione’s stuffDSC_0007.JPGThe Magic is Might Statue at the Ministry of MagicDSC_1019.JPG

The outside was just as amazing as the inside (it was a sunny day, yeah!)DSC_0022.JPGWe witnessed a cruel battleDSC_0035.JPGThe Knight BusDSC_0021.JPG

More on parte 3!


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    Harry Potter Studios, London « arytee said:
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    […] More on part 2! […]

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