Wide-eyed Italian girl. Venice born.
37 and still hopeless. Reckless, sarcastic and smart wannabe. Bookworm, newbie confectioner and passionate traveller. In need of a dog and with an insane passion for T-Rexes. Amateur Bollywood and Bellydncer.
Italian mother language, pardon any typo or grammar mistake in English!

Inked (more and more every year), Stevie Nicks fan, Florence Welch lover. If only I could, I woud dye my hair every month in any exhisting colour.
Proud owner of a Nikon D3300! ❤

All the pictures posted in this blog were taken by me (unless otherwise stated).
They may not be perfect but I like them nonetheless.

Me, by the way.
On the Eiffel Tower
You can’t say you have been to Paris if you haven’t held a baguette under your armpit 😉

At Starbucks I always give the name Sheila.
They always spell it differently. Sigh.

Ready to Skydive!


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