Harry Potter Studios – part 2

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Following my last post

This morning I was watching all the pictures I took that day, to choose a few to post here.  The memories of the joy I felt deep inside that day popped up at once. I posted a couple of pictures on FB and you can read it in my eyes how extremely happy I was. Those memories and for sure that feeling of well-being is here to stay.

So I wrote I was allowed to open the huge door to enter the Hogwarts Hall, since it was my birthday. Halloween was in the air, thus the Hall was decorated accordingly

DSC_0857.JPGKids could play with magic fluids and practice with basic potionsDSC_0952.JPGEverything appeared in the movies was there. Stuff in the room of Necessities, a full wardrobe of any piace of cloth wore on set, magic tricks explained and tons of details to spot.

No post on Sunday!DSC_0052.JPGHagrid’s motorbikeDSC_0964The Black family treeDSC_1004.JPGGodric Gryffindor’s sword (in Dumbledore’s office)DSC_0949.JPGThe “ice” sculpture from the Yule BallDSC_0879.JPGAnd obviously, the Hogwarts ExpressDSC_1041.JPGwith Harry, Ron and Hermione’s stuffDSC_0007.JPGThe Magic is Might Statue at the Ministry of MagicDSC_1019.JPG

The outside was just as amazing as the inside (it was a sunny day, yeah!)DSC_0022.JPGWe witnessed a cruel battleDSC_0035.JPGThe Knight BusDSC_0021.JPG

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Harry Potter Studios, London

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Almost a year has gone from my last post and so much happened.
2017 was not my year. Can’t say it was a total disaster, though I’ve seen people I love struggling with a harsh reality and made a few mistakes myself. But (and it’s a huge one) amazing things happened as well.

A new life was born.
A friend got married and his wedding was a special day for all of us friends and, obviously, said couple.
Dance lessons went supergood and helped me an awful lot to cope with anxiety issues and those above-mentioned mistakes.
I reconciled with a part of me and someone who introduced me to a whole new group of friends I am so grateful I have met.
I managed to travel a tiny bit and spend a whole week in South of Italy, getting suntanned and lost in a place I definitely feel part of. But I don’t wanna talk about the trip to Caribbean, definitely not a lucky choice.

So, even though 2017 took its toll on me, I want to believe things are changing. A tiny bit at the time maybe, but I have the strong feeling life is getting better.
I have a few resolutions for this year (and the ones to come), hopefully I will be able to stick to. No anxiety (or at least definitely less), stop overanalysing, a bit more carelessness, more dancing, less alohol and sugar (but count me in for cookies!) and, as every year, 100% more travelling.

Talking about travelling… I spent my last birthday in a place that made me happy beyond measureDSC_0844

Before entering the sets where the movies were shot, the audience was asked if it was somebody’s birthday.. raised my hand faster than Hermione would have! I was thus allowed to open the huge wood door to enter the main hall! I can’t even describe how I was feeling. Thrilled, dazzled, bursting with joy. I was smiling like a kid on her best day so far (it kinda was) and almost got emotional. Who am I kidding? I cried a bit a couple of times while visiting  and was smiling so hard my gums hurt at the end of the day.


Sets were one close to the other but this didn’t spoil the magic atmosphere at all.
Before entering I expected the place packed with kids in costume and their parents, and yeah, there were many, but mostly there were childless adults exploring the huge Studios in total awe.


Snape’s class / the potion room was one of the best. So many details, even a couple of magic tricks, bottles everywhere completed with proper labels.. just wow!


Chamber of secrets’ door is one of their masterpieces. We were said it works the way we see it in the movie, but only the creator can actually open it. The sequence to make it work is a secret itself, ain’t it amazing?


The Burrow is were I felt emotional the most. The moment I spot the Weasleys (better, their clothes), I knew that was home. Observed all the details and took tons of picture.. and it was time to go exploring again!

DSC_1027 As we entered the Forbidden Forest, we met Buckbeak. If you bow, he will too and let you pet him.. perfect!

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Markets and streetlife in Saigon

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was chatting with my friend S. on Skype this morning.
We started talking about our upcoming, long-waited, almost totally planned, supa-dupah trip (no spoilers), while mumbling to myself “just a few more weeks, a bunch of days, so many seconds.. I can do it”.
Though April is almost at its end, weather here is disappointing.
Rainy. Cold. Just sad. To whoever believes that Italy is sunny and warm all year long. AH. AH. AH. No. Nope nope nope. Reconsider, guys.

Thus, holidays are definitely on my mind, all the time. As my friend A. says, the only way to deal with an ended holiday is to have another one to look forward to. Check 😉

So we were chatting about everything we are going to visit in a while and planning all the stuff we still have to do before leaving (I am the anxious one, must confess that); then we changed subject slowly and slipped back to Vietnam. We started recalling single, framed, sweet moments of those days. We got nostalgic right away and I started listing all the unforgettable little things made us smile or even shocked us for a second.


…waking up in the morning due to all that traffic noise (mopets honking all day long. ALL. DAY. LONG.)

DSC_0173.JPGThese lovely ladies smiled the second they spotted me taking this picture. Most people travel on mopets (and transport any kind of stuff)

…people shocked at our request for bread in the morning. No soup. No eggs. Just bread, butter, coffee and some fresh fruit.
“No eggs?? You mean, no no? No soups?!”
“Yes, bread only..”
“No meat? No fish? Is everything all right?”

Ben Thanh Market 9

Ben Thanh Market 10Ben Thanh Market, Saigon

…a sweet old lady who helped us crossing a 4 -lane road safely after ages of us trying not to be hit.
… young people stopping by just to have a quick chat, ask where we we from and wish us a good time.
..street food everywhere. And I mean everywhere, everytime.
…huge and crowded markets filled with tons of stuff. With a temple inside, if necessary.


DSC_0352Oh yes, I definitely have a thing for market and everyday life pictures.

DSC_0072Ben Thanh Market 11Ben Thanh Market 5Ben Thanh Market - dintorni 1

DSC_0384Probably the hardest part is spotting the wire to fixDSC_0448I so love their traditional folk costumes and those hatsDSC_0106DSC_0054Pictures of nature always call me down. And I love these colours

Berlin, nochmals

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Yeah, I know. I should probably stop posting pictures of the same 3 places and start sharing something else.
But I really can’t help it.
Today I was checking the last folds I created in my laptop and, obviously, Berlin was one of the them. (All my previous posts about Berlin here).
As usual I spent my birthday wandering around that city but this time, it was definitely over the top. One of my best birthdays ever.
There was seven of us, no wait! 8. 4 of us flying from Venice, 2 from London, 2 currently living in Berlin. It was one of the best get together ever. No matter the chill, the rain, the stomache that beat me up badly one day. One night we stayed up until 5 a.m. playing cards (ok, fancy cheecky cards I may or may not have received as Christmas present after 2 months…this I won’t say) and laughing. I can’t even express how much I feel blessed right now for having those people in my life.

Though it was meant to be a relaxing holiday, we still didn’t want to miss the chance to visit something new or see again something we loved (typical of me).

This is the Schönhauser Allee Jewish Cemetery. You really don’t wanna miss it next time you are in town.
The visit only takes an hour or so, if you wanna walk around and have a look at the old tombstones and take a couple of pictures.
It’s definitely worthy your time; I love how after a minutes you walk its paths on its lenght, you can’t spot the entrance if look back. The silence, the colour of trees perfectly combining with the stones and, most of all, the history of this place.


This the huge Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (yes, I’m into Jewish culture a lot)

DSC_0067 (2)DSC_0055

The Trabant, symbol of the city especially during the division era



Vivid colours can be spotted everywhereDSC_0145.JPG

and if you look for a simple for of art and happiness, you won’t be disappointedDSC_0270.JPG

Hanoi, Vietnam

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My last post dates back to February. My bad.
Well at least I have a lot to say, after months of absence..

February. Those days I was booking and getting ready for the farthest I have ever been.
My first time in Asia. My second one outside my comfort zone aka Europe.
About time.

copyright for this picture: my friend Sara. It was the only one in this post not shot by me.

When I came back everybody asked “How was it?”. All the time.
First thing first: Hot. Extremely hot. And humid. Far more than I could ever expect and I currently live amid water. We were sweating more than our t-shirts and shorts could bear.
We were literally dripping. Every second we spent outside. But it was worthy.

Here is beautiful Hanoi.

Streetfood is basically the only food for themdsc_0515A lovely young ladydsc_0630The Hanoi Social Clubdsc_0563A barber shop (can you spot me?)dsc_0519 A moment of relax: coconut milk coffee (addictive!)csc_0011The smith streetdsc_1071dsc_0932


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After months of planning, booking and waiting, finally December has come.
I honestly couldn’t have waited any longer.
A Florence and the Machine concert combined with a trip in a wonderful city was all I could think of lately.
Since August, 10th (the day we decided we would leave and attend the show), we booked the flights, a flat, bought the concert tickets, collect info regarding places to see and museum we wanted to visit.


Those days arrived and passed in a blink of an eye. All I have left is happiness, deep inside, worn and dirty shoes and tons of pictures.
I can still hear Florence’s voice in my head and feel her arm on my finger.
I still get emotional when talking about this 4-day trip.

I have recently got a Nikon D3300 as birthday + Christmas present and I couldn’t be any happier. I am honestly unable to express how good that camera is. I’m still a newbie, but I’m trying to learn as much as possible by practicing almost every spare day.


Birthday cake.. Again

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35th birthday calls maybe for a special cake? Mine wasn’t.
It was small and made with love, this I can say. I was completely absorbed in the making and really committed to be as precise as possible, for a decent outcome.
Was it good? Definitely, my friends asked for a second slice and that’s how it should be, honestly 😉
Apart from that, it was a simple day I spent with people I care and want in my life again and again.
This the recipe I followed, just halved.