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Home and a heart filled with joy

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Venice. Oh Venice. The power of this city is amazing.
It surprises me every time with a new detail, a different view, the way light reflects on water and hides behind a building.
Another narrow street (our calle), a wine seller, the sight of a canale from the bridge.

Alive, beating, embracing. More than water and stones, every brick has its story.
I love that even after years of reading and walking, there are still tons of things I haven’t seen, museums I haven’t visited and God knows how many I won’t ever get to know about.

It fills me with joy, hope and makes me feel there is something amazing in my life. It could never disappoint me.

Oh Venice.

I love the way clothers are hung. Rio della Misericordia


A commonly unseen Venice

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A commonly unseen Venice. Because Venice is much much more than the usual, touristic path.
Venice is people walking for errands, workers buying food in the evening before going home, students having a drink in an (apparently) shabby place.
Venice is garbage waiting to be collected, hang damp clothes, wells everywhere.
a commonly unseen Venice

a commonly unseen Venicea commonly unseen Venice  a commonly unseen Venice a commonly unseen Venice a commonly unseen Venice

Home wanderings

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Finally, that time of year has arrived. When temperature raises, sun warms our skin and staying out until late is appalling and full of magic. Especially if this is the view.Venice Lagoon

I already wrote about our boat trips last year (here all my posts about Venice). A friend’s family of our owns a boat and is kind enough to let us use it, once in a while. Venice LagoonI will never get tired of all this: how clouds combine and change the sky, how light reflects upon water, the St. Mark’s steeple in the distance, the smell of salty water and weeds while having a beer amid the islands, the seagulls’ crying and tohousands of flamingos (yes, we have flamingos as well!) gathered all together. Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice LagoonI took all these pictures with my phone and unfortunately a couple of them are out of focus. As I watch them for the 10th time, I realize they just give an idea of how these places are. The real beauty of our lagoon cannot be fully expressed by simple pictures.Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon Venice Lagoon

A cultural weekend

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Last week I put up my mum for a few days while dad was away. We had a grand time together and finally catch up on family news and stuff.
On Friday night we went to La Fenice (Literally, the Phoenix), the well-known Venetian theater, where it took place an event about Venice and its origins.
This ancient theater dramatically burnt almost 20 years ago during its renovation, but it has been totally re-built years ago. First it went aflame in 19th century, but nomen omen, they say. The phoenix rises again from its own ashes. And, once again, it did. I was 16 when the whole city was in shock. La Fenice is a symbol of the city and our pride. A building of history and culture, and was gone in hours.
Fortunately it’s now “on its feet” again, still beautiful and fully operative. Take a look

Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venice Sale Apollinee – The Apollionian RoomsSale Apollinee - Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venice Gran Teatro La Fenice - Venice

Walking back home after the event

Santa Maria della Salute  - Saint Mary of Health - Venice building, Venice Saturday morning we visited Ca’ Mocenigo, a wonderful XVII century building

#PalazzoMocenigo #Venice #FragrancesMuseumThe building hosts the perfume museum (this way we discovered Venice was the first city to import spices and similar to produce fragrances and soaps)
#PalazzoMocenigo #Venice #FragrancesMuseum #PalazzoMocenigo #Venice #FragrancesMuseum

We heard the Lutheran church was open so, why not? (I honestly had no idea there was any in Venice. My bad).

Lutheran Church - Venice

The more I see and get to know about my city, the more I fall in love with it. It’s amazing how many tons of things I didn’t even imagine we have here. I can’t wait to discover more and more and hear about our legends, oral traditions and historic events!

Cold & Snow

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It was December 2009. On a Saturday morning we decided (some guys met on aNobii, a social community about books, and I) to have a walk around Venice and, why not, get into a vaporetto and have lunch at Mazzorbo, an island of the lagoon.
I had fun, as usual, but it was kind of an adventure… the restaurant was cold and the snow would melt at the sun and instantly freeze. I risked breaking a leg every other step.

Though cold and windy, the view and experience itself was spectacular: even when it snows in Venice, it’s never so cold that it stays for long. My granpa told me about a frozen lagoon back in 1930s or the highest water ever registered in 1966, but they were just isolated phenomena. Usually the winter weather consists in fog, cold, rain and wind. 6 Months a year. I’m staying just because I love Venice too much not to live close to her. Take a look.

A snow-covered boat and some ice floating

Venice High water to deal with as well…damn it!VeniceMazzorbo island MazzorboMazzorbo MazzorboA chilly lagoon

Immagine 128 Immagine 133 Immagine 134 Immagine 135 Immagine 136 Immagine 137Torcello Island

Immagine 139The Devil’s Bridge
Immagine 142The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Immagine 143

Attila’s throne Immagine 144Church of Santa Fosca Immagine 145Immagine 150

A well-deserved hot chocolate at Locanda Cipriani

Immagine 157

A coloured island

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I posted a couple of pictures of Burano last month.
Burano is a small, quiet and cosy island of the Venice Lagoon. Even from afar you can spot its small, coloured houses and this is kind of peculiar around here: no other island is like it, as far as I have seen up to now.
It takes a while to get to Burano from the mainland, but the journey can be so relaxing on a sunny day! Just catch the boat (our “vaporetto”), sit on the very back, outside if possible, and enjoy the view!
These pictures were taken a few summers ago, but Burano hasn’t changed a bit!

Immagine 001

Immagine 002

Immagine 003

Like, what? For real?
Immagine 007

Aperiboat – the Venice Lagoon

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A girlfriend of ours is lucky enough to have a boat. Well it’s not hers actually, but her dad’s. And he’s so nice to let her use it every now and then during the weekends.
Last Saturday she invited a few of us for what we call an Aperiboat to say goodbye to Summer.
The weather was super, beers were cold and a rice salad ready for our lunch on board.
Usually we ride around the lagoon, waving at people (mostly tourists) or posing for pictures and Saturday wasn’t any different 😀

Here our beautiful lagoon… how can you watch this and not feel totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the world? I’m not a religious person or a spiritual one, but I really feel part of the whole cosmo and smiling deep inside when in touch with Nature in a way that still amazes and shocks me.

a blurred San Marco steeple and Doge’s Palace
a blurred San Marco steeple and Doge's Palace #Venice

A boarding platform
A boarding platform #Venice

our trail on the lagoon water
lagoon water #Venice

lagoon water

Every briccola (dolphin structure) is like a hug to me
briccola #hug #venice

The Burano pending steeple
The #Burano pending steeple #Venice

Every house is painted in a different color in Burano
Burano #Venice #VeniceLagoon

Fishing nets on the lagoon
Fishing #nets on the #VeniceLagoon

Kokaii (seagull) on a briccola
#seagull #VeniceLagoon

tufts of grass on the lagoon
#grass #VeniceLagoon

on the way back