Easter treat

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So I was in charge for the Easter “dessert”. Well, I wouldn’t call this sweet, (unvoluntarily) vegan bread “dessert”; it was more like a apple-y treat to taste after a super tasty, totally homemade (and homegrown for the most of it) and healthy lunch my mom prepared.
I am currently homeless since my place is getting under some renovation and last week I had just a little time since I was packing and storing everything (note to self: reconsider all the stuff I have and get rid of at least a quarter of it, definitely too much) in boxes, bags, cases.
Thus, little time + fridge to clean = these.
At first I wanted it to be an Estonian Kringel, with extra filling (basically every edible thing I could find in my kitchen cabinets), but the filling itself was too much for that shape! That’s how they got reconverted into pinwheels 😉

Vegan apple, walnust and dried cranberries wheels


Whole grain homemade Bread

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Breakfast is my favourite meal. Waking up quite early every morning, the idea of having a good, tasty breakfast cheers me up a lot and makes me get up quickly from the best bed ever (I have tried many mattresses around the world but they can’t compare to mine). That reminds me how I love to sleep.. my girls always make fun of me ’cause I can sleep for more than 10 hours per night and still be drowsy. I call myself lucky. There’s nothing a good night of sleep can solve or at least relieve.

Lets’ get back to the breakfast joy. My idea of a perfect morning meal consists of bread & jam, greek yougurt and chocolate chip cookies.
Since I try to bake and, generally speaking, cook or make everything at home with natural or basic ingredients, homemade bread is a must.
It may seem difficult to bake fresh bread at home but believe me, it’s not. It’s super easy and it does not take long. Plus it is such a huge satisfaction to be able to create something with your own hands, that tastes good and is healthy (I mean, have you ever checked the ingredients of industrial bread? I don’t know half of them and they sound quite hideous to me).

Homemade bread Homemade bread

This bread has less than 5 ingredients:

– flour: 300 gr white 00 + 300 gr whole grain
– salt: 12 grams
– lukewarm water
– a block of compressed fresh yeast: 25 gr (basically, this one)

Just dissolve the fresh yeast in a glass of lukewarm water, mixing with a fork.
In a capacious bowl mix the dry ingredients. Add the water with yeast to the flour mix and start kneading. You will need more water (2/3 glasses altogether). Add it little by little and keep kneading, until you get a ball.
Put a damp towel on the bowl containing the dough and let it rest for 2 hours somewhere warm.
The dough will double in size and get sticky.
At this point I usually split the dough in 3 or 4 smaller ones and let it rest for an addition hour and a half, then bake the rolls at 225°C for 30 minutes.

Homemade bread Homemade bread Homemade bread I have recently learned there is one and one way only to know if your bread is properly cooked: turn it upside down and hit it the very bottom; a muffled sound should be the result. I tried this yesterday, when took it out of the oven and it worked: I tore the bread in pieces and it was perfect! Take a look! 🙂 🙂Homemade bread Homemade breadYou can start from this easy, basic recipe and add walnuts, olive oil, sugar and raisins or whatever you prefer!

Love, love, love baking bread!
The house smells great and I feel at my best when succeeding in baking things the way I want them.