Sunburnt in Helsinki

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Sounds quite unbelievable, doesn’t it?
I spent just one day, less than 10 hours up there. Nonetheless, the day was so bright, the sky cloudless and the temperature confortably warm.. not only was I overdressed (so had to carry a jacket + jumper + scarf all day long in my bag), but also got sunburnt.

Plus, since I was visiting Esti and decided the day before to catch the ferry and take a look at Finland as well, I was clueless regarding anything to do and visit in Helsinki.

Baltici 809

Usually I’m super organized and plan everything ahead; before leaving I already have everything figured out: the day after buying the plane ticket I start booking hotels, reading the guide, checking anything on internet and so on. By the time I arrive at my destination, I can give a good piece of advise about restaurants, museums, stuff to do.
So, this was so not like me.

But don’t you like to relax a bit when on holidays and face the unexpected? I do too, that’s why I’m so organized all the time: this gives me the chance to be confident enough about important things like where to eat and where to sleep, so I have time and energy to enjoy the little things during my days off and face everything that comes on my way.

I know it may sound a contradiction, but works for me.

Helsinki, then. Kinda expensive (had to have lunch at a fast food to save a bit and still couldn’t believe the prices), this I must say.
I loved, though, the atmosphere. Let’s say it gave positive vibes and I considered for a few hours to move there. The language, though. I don’t think I could learn it, even though literally everybody speaks English.

Now that I’ve gone through all the pictures I got how much I’ve missed of the city. My bad.

The Cathedral
Baltici 731Baltici 727Baltici 726Baltici 725

The Central Station
Baltici 787.JPG

The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden
Baltici 747Baltici 748Baltici 761

A stroll along the lakeĀ Baltici 813
Baltici 819