Berlin, nochmals

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Yeah, I know. I should probably stop posting pictures of the same 3 places and start sharing something else.
But I really can’t help it.
Today I was checking the last folds I created in my laptop and, obviously, Berlin was one of the them. (All my previous posts about Berlin here).
As usual I spent my birthday wandering around that city but this time, it was definitely over the top. One of my best birthdays ever.
There was seven of us, no wait! 8. 4 of us flying from Venice, 2 from London, 2 currently living in Berlin. It was one of the best get together ever. No matter the chill, the rain, the stomache that beat me up badly one day. One night we stayed up until 5 a.m. playing cards (ok, fancy cheecky cards I may or may not have received as Christmas present after 2 months…this I won’t say) and laughing. I can’t even express how much I feel blessed right now for having those people in my life.

Though it was meant to be a relaxing holiday, we still didn’t want to miss the chance to visit something new or see again something we loved (typical of me).

This is the Schönhauser Allee Jewish Cemetery. You really don’t wanna miss it next time you are in town.
The visit only takes an hour or so, if you wanna walk around and have a look at the old tombstones and take a couple of pictures.
It’s definitely worthy your time; I love how after a minutes you walk its paths on its lenght, you can’t spot the entrance if look back. The silence, the colour of trees perfectly combining with the stones and, most of all, the history of this place.


This the huge Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (yes, I’m into Jewish culture a lot)

DSC_0067 (2)DSC_0055

The Trabant, symbol of the city especially during the division era



Vivid colours can be spotted everywhereDSC_0145.JPG

and if you look for a simple for of art and happiness, you won’t be disappointedDSC_0270.JPG


Chilly Bayern

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I don’t like my birthday. Every year I try to escape from everything to forget another year has gone. I should feel lucky I have the chance to get older.
Does getting older involge getting wiser? If so, I fear I’m failing in many ways. But I have kind of come to terms with the whole me. My body. My dark side. What I really want and what I should not be afraid of asking. It may not seem much but it actually is, I can tell you.
So I was saying, every year I try to be busy, as much as I can, on my birthday.
Obviously what I love to do the most on that day is travelling.
A couple of years ago I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Bayern area. I had already been in Munich a few times, but never in the countryside.
It was a lovely trip and I should thank my at-the-time boyfriend for it. 🙂

Here my pictures: in Italy the weather was still warm but once passed the Alps, the temperature dropped and it even snowed! I still smile when I recall those days.

The view from the Castle (there is another, nice but less known castle in front of the Neuschwanstein one)

The Neuschwanstein Castle

Football things, I guess

Fountain, Kempten

On our way back to Italy we stopped in beautiful Innsbruck







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Oh how I love Berlin!

Though the first two times I saw it I thought it was too messy, too big and sad, I totally changed my mind from the third time on.

Could you believe it? Last week I flew to Berlin again, for the 7th (or was it my 8th?) time.

One of my besties lives there so we pay a visit at least once a year. It feels so good now to walk around the city and almost feel at home. I totally changed my mind and my perspective.

Every time now is a joy to meet my girl G. again and spend the nights in small bars or eat in a good ethnic restaurant.
Well, last week I had an event in Berlin I was so looking forward to. I had been waiting for that night for ages. A concert, THE concert. I started listening to Fleetwood Mac music when I was 16 and I haven’t stopped since. I deeply love Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham and the rest of the band. It was such a huge emotion to be in the same building and actually see them performing.. I still get emotional every time I think about it 🙂

Here my pictures!


Alexander Platz

Berliner Dom

Stolpersteine – literally “stumbling blocks”: a way to commemorate the Holocaust victims

The Wall