Venice area

Home and a heart filled with joy

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Venice. Oh Venice. The power of this city is amazing.
It surprises me every time with a new detail, a different view, the way light reflects on water and hides behind a building.
Another narrow street (our calle), a wine seller, the sight of a canale from the bridge.

Alive, beating, embracing. More than water and stones, every brick has its story.
I love that even after years of reading and walking, there are still tons of things I haven’t seen, museums I haven’t visited and God knows how many I won’t ever get to know about.

It fills me with joy, hope and makes me feel there is something amazing in my life. It could never disappoint me.

Oh Venice.

I love the way clothers are hung. Rio della Misericordia


Cold & Snow

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It was December 2009. On a Saturday morning we decided (some guys met on aNobii, a social community about books, and I) to have a walk around Venice and, why not, get into a vaporetto and have lunch at Mazzorbo, an island of the lagoon.
I had fun, as usual, but it was kind of an adventure… the restaurant was cold and the snow would melt at the sun and instantly freeze. I risked breaking a leg every other step.

Though cold and windy, the view and experience itself was spectacular: even when it snows in Venice, it’s never so cold that it stays for long. My granpa told me about a frozen lagoon back in 1930s or the highest water ever registered in 1966, but they were just isolated phenomena. Usually the winter weather consists in fog, cold, rain and wind. 6 Months a year. I’m staying just because I love Venice too much not to live close to her. Take a look.

A snow-covered boat and some ice floating

Venice High water to deal with as well…damn it!VeniceMazzorbo island MazzorboMazzorbo MazzorboA chilly lagoon

Immagine 128 Immagine 133 Immagine 134 Immagine 135 Immagine 136 Immagine 137Torcello Island

Immagine 139The Devil’s Bridge
Immagine 142The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Immagine 143

Attila’s throne Immagine 144Church of Santa Fosca Immagine 145Immagine 150

A well-deserved hot chocolate at Locanda Cipriani

Immagine 157

Sunny Sunday

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Finally a sunny weekend. Cold and windy, but sky was blue and not that usual shade of grey (the last two pictures seem different due to the camera settings; I used my mom’s and resets any other picture. Argh!). A walk in the closest park was mandatory 😉

San Giuliano ParkSan Giuliano ParkSan Giuliano ParkSan Giuliano Park San Giuliano Park