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One year today. One year and still we can’t recover from all the pain and the sadness.
How do you move on from the loss of someone you love? I refuse to think in a past tense.
Many things have happened since you are gone, my sweet G. Hilarious moments, amazing nights, many tears, enough hugs to circle our own hometown. Still our lives are split in before and after the day we lost you.
Last night, again, you visited me in my dreams. Your smile, your laugh, all the stupid things we used to yell, hasn’t changed a bit. I have one last resource, a feeble hope you may, one day, come back.
The Sherlock fandom knows what I am talking about. Still, it’s nonsense, but what if it works?
I miss you, my dear. Since you’ve been gone I have tried to accomplish as much as possible and, most of all, detect what I really want to do before I will be gone too. I guess I have to thank YOU, nobody else.
More than fear, more than sadness, more than anything our love for you is keeping us together and warm. Hug me tight again, my dear. We won’t let you go.

And Fleetwood Mac’s Storms is in loop in my mind.


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